Masu Izakaya – Haymarket 

I’m constantly out for having a great experience at a pub that serves food. Gastropub or izakaya style is always good. Upon entering the store, we were given our choice of either tables upstairs (it is a 2 storey place) or down on the ground floor looking out into the street and close to the grill. We picked a table next to the cashier and bar, which was great as the manager/owner took some time off to talk to us between service, and we got to ask about the restaurant and food. This is always a bonus and we definitely enjoyed the evening very much.

Masu Izakaya is located at the Chinatown side of Liverpool/Dixon St corner. It is open for lunch and dinner. It specializes in yakitori (grilled chicken). There are many other tapas style food available there as well.

Little neck clams cooked in sake – $15

These were some really good little clams. It was cooked well and had a good flavour going through it. It is found on the specials board. I love my clams! These were quite decent.


Kingfish carpaccio- $15.80

Mmmmm carpaccio, thinly sliced raw kingfish with a vinaigrette dressing, this was well dressed and worked great with each other.


Nasu (Eggplant) with miso grilled – $15.80

Honestly I’ve never been a fan of eggplant, it is probably the texture of how strangely mushy and stringy this vegetable is. I had to try it either way, found the flavours good. My friend says it was really well roasted, so I’m assuming that’s how the texture is supposed to be.


Sunagimo (chicken gizzards) – $3

No chicken gizzards for me! Friend really likes it, and she really had to have them. So here’s a pic of them.


Tebasaki (Chicken wings) – $3.50

Nicely salted chicken wings, good tender meat, maybe a little too salty. I love my wings, I’m glad this grilled dish only has the wing bits without the little drumlets. Not a big fan of drumlets for some reason.


Kawa (Chicken skin) – $3.50 per skewer

Dish of the day! We both got a little over excited that there was chicken skin available, as they tend to sell out really quickly. This was nice and crisp, really enjoyable indeed! I wouldn’t mind a 2nd serve anytime!


Eihire (dried sting ray fin) – $7

This is the best thing to have with beer. Sweet chewy jerky textured fin that is served up hot and lots of yum.


Mio sweet sparkling sake

My fav sake, sweet and crisp. We each had a bottle and it was just great. For sake, I do prefer mine on the sweeter side and cold.

The experience of sitting at the counter watching food grilled while having a chat was great. Will probably return sometime for more chicken skin. Will probably return if I am craving chicken skewers, especially that chicken skin. The meal ended up being quite costly, $3.50 per pop sure adds up to quite a lot! But I really wouldn’t mind that chicken skin skewers at all.

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Revisited the place on a busy Friday and the food quality wasn’t as great as what I had on a Tuesday. But I will probably give this place another go as I did really enjoy it the 1st time round.

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