Vincent – Woollahra 

Another midweek adventure with Miss S, this time in Woolahra at Vincent – a French cuisine style restaurant. We did a 7pm booking, and even though we were in the area by 6ish, we got so incredibly lost and didn’t make till exactly 7pm. Located inside the Hughenden – a fancy boutique hotel, this place looked like a glasshouse but there wasn’t much of a view outside.


bread – $3 a serve

When we were settled in, we were asked if we wanted some bread to start. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to us that bread is not complimentary, it was only when we received the bill and checked the menu after that we realised its $3 a serve. It is an oversight on our part, and also that we were really hungry, either way, at least I ate all my bread and butter. It was nice and crusty, soft in the middle sour-dough style bread with a nice salty butter.


‘Coq au vin’ with duck fat and parsley potato ½ chicken (to share) – $52

The chicken had a good flavour, very firm meat, not the usual strip/flaky texture you’d expect in chicken. I do prefer breast meat over thigh meat, the potatoes were good. With the breast meat, one will have to dip it back into the sauce accompanying it before consuming.

Now I really want some of those potatoes. Mmmmm potatoes.


Salt baked pumpkin, pepitas, almonds, chilli and sage brown butter – $12

Dish of the day! This particular one, I really did liked, the pumpkin was roasted really well, sweet buttery delicious. I love the contrast of the pepitas and sliced almonds as well as the crisp basil leaves atop the roasted pumpkin. It was sitting the butter, but it didn’t make the pumpkin overly greasy and uncomfortable to eat.


Chocolate Mousse torte, malt whisky & honeycomb – $15

This is an incredibly rich and smooth dish, unfortunately a little too sweet for my liking, but I did like how rich it is. Good chocolate, crunchy honeycomb. More cream might help cut away some of the sweetness, but honestly I think it was just me, my friend found it alright and was more bothered by how rich it is more than the sugar.


Coffee custard, toasted almonds, puffed rice tuille – $14

I really liked the puffed rice tuille, nice and foamy like popcorn without the kernels. I can eat this all day. Wonder if they sold flavoured puffed rice, would be great, better than popcorn for movies. I suppose it isn’t big enough to enjoy as much as popcorn would be. The custard was more gelatinous that I would have preferred, you can taste the coffee in it I suppose, but the texture of the pudding wasn’t something I expect, was hoping for a more custard-y type pudding-y texture not so much gelatin.

My biggest gripe with this place is probably “Where are the escargots?!” I do love my snails and did really want some snails to start my meal. Besides that, food was alright, service was really good. I need to study up a little more on French food before heading to my next French restaurant, that’s for sure.

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