Darlo Coffee Co. 

Darlo Coffee Co. was brought to my attention by a post via Reddit, just because I love my coffee, I had to see what the fuss is all about. Coffee in a goon sack. What is a goon sack? Well, it is what people from Down Under call their boxed wine. According to their Facebook page, this has been quite the popular product, so I’m glad I managed to grab a couple of boxes before next weekend’s road trip. Happy!

Back to the fact that I’ve never had goon before, and had no idea how to set one up, I proceeded to pop the round cardboard out, then rip the top open, then forcefully push the tap out, therefore there’s the whole lot of sticky tape around the box trying to keep everything back together. Note to self, no need to rip boxes up, just pull tap out next time.


minimum order of 2 boxes at $35 per box excluding shipping

The minimum order is 2 boxes, and each box doesn’t take too much room. It is 19cm tall x 15.5cm wide x 11.5cm deep little box with 30 serves of bouncy caffeine happiness.


back of the box

On the box it is recommended that the coffee is refrigerated, as far as I know, it is highly unlikely that I would have access to a fridge on my road trip, so I sent a “comment” with my order, and was given a really prompt reply via Facebook. These people do pay attention to their social media sites (ie: Facebook) and are really responsive which is great! Because I repeated my question to clarify, and was given the reply that “the coffee stays fresh for a month after opening, refrigerated or not. It just stays fresher if its kept in the fridge“. I have to say, that’s the most awesome thing ever!

Kudos on the great customer service Darlo Coffee peeps!


Getting ready for some iced coffee!

It was a really hot day today (even though it is still August), so with the blessing that the coffee can be kept out of the fridge, I decided to crack it open to make my 1st glass of iced coffee. Here’s a glass cup filled with ice, decided to use my special whisky glass for this occasion. Actually it is just a regular glass, but I’ve only ever used it for whisky anyway. It is the perfect size for a round ice ball.


A shot of coffee concentrate.

Based on my little calculation, 30 serves from a 2L box that would be 66ml per serve. Each shot is 30ml. This is how a shot glass filled with cold brew coffee concentrate looks like. Can you imagine drinking a shot of coffee? I suppose you can if you wanted to.

Coffee was easy to drink, not overly acidic or bitter.


What you need for a nice iced cold coffee.

After that 1st glass of straight coffee, I decided that perhaps I would like some milk and sugar with it. I opted for 2 shots of coffee, 1 shot of milk and a teaspoon of condensed milk over ice.


Best summer time drink ever!

I have to say, it sure looks really pretty!

It was delicious. I have to make sure I don’t over do it, I’m sure I can drink this all day which would be baddddd…. and probably quite expensive. It is still good value for money, $1.25 per serve (Based on $35 + $35 + $5 shipping = 60 serves) and I would always have milk in the fridge either way. This will be great for a summer party. It is clean and easy to serve, efficient, all the things I look for when it comes to drinking coffee at home and on the go.

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more adventures with my coffee in a goon sack! Probably with some vanilla ice cream. Mmmm ice cream.