Argo – Singapore (Adonis Hotel)

The Adonis Hotel is a boutique located at 13 Purvius St, close to City Hall and Bugis, and the family + new extended family decided to have lunch together at Cafe Argo located in the Adonis hotel premises.

We aren’t guests staying at this hotel, but looking through the rooms available, I am really tempted to book a stay here at for one of my trips, or for a staycation that’s for sure.

Argo is located in the Adonis Hotel

This meal is to celebrate post wedding of my sister earlier this year, a nice quiet lunch for both sides of the family, and also a pre-Chinese New Year celebration of sorts.

Disclaimer: This post is done a little later than expected. The meal was from back in February when I was back in Singapore for my sister’s wedding and Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year goodies

Cafe Argo boasts a pretty little bar with snacks available for guests to dine on all day. It opens for breakfast for hotel guests, and here we are for lunch. As you can see in the special snacks available, very Chinese New Year indeed. I love my New Year snacks! Little spring rolls filled with spicy prawn floss , “love letters” (crepes), pineapple tarts. When visiting relatives over Chinese New Year, there would be snacks everywhere. This little bar makes me feel so much at home, getting a head start with the Chinese New Year goodies.


self-service snack and candy bar

Everything is so pretty! We pretty much went nuts over the candy, and personally for me the ice-gem biscuits. We were told by the owner that he would like the guests of the hotel to feel at home, with cookie and sweet jars that will be found in most homes, and for guests to help themselves to them.


Soup of the day – SG$3 (Mushroom soup)

This mushroom soup was nice and has a great amount of mushrooms blended into it. Love the roll.


Organic Beer Batter Fish and Chips – SG$14.90

Well fried and crunchy. Out of all of us, only one of us noticed this dish on the menu and went for it. Unfortunately for him, we all went straight for multiple “tests” of the lovely fish and chips, good dish.


Lamb Rack – SG$19.90

This was a little more cooked than I would have liked. I like my lamb rack rare, but my aunt who ordered this dish liked it done this way. It was light pink with good flavours.


Chicken Breast (not on menu)

I didn’t get to try the chicken.


The pasta is the main offering at this restaurant. Most of us ordered a different pasta each. I found it cooked well, the pasta is al-dente, good flavours on the sauce, the portions are really huge, western portioned food. I could hardly finish my pasta. Either that or I’ve been snacking on way too much candy before the meal.

Cabonara Cremoso – SG$10.90

Pancetta E Funghi – SG$11.90


Time for dessert! The mousse and tiramisu were nice and creamy. Good flavours in the dessert.

Pandan Panna Cotta – SG$4

Mango Mousse – SG$4

Tiramisu – SG$4

Over all experience was quite lovely, staff are friendly, food price-point is good. I like the layout, and if given the opportunity, would love to check out the rest of the hotel too.