Cafe 2000 – Singapore (M Hotel)

There are quite a lot of good food places in Singapore and many hotels are starting to focus on local cuisine and making it fancy which is great. Often we find ourselves having to roam around various hawker places to search for good local fare, and more often that not, we are left either disappointed or confused if we end up without a guide or knowledge in ordering food. Which is why having good local food in a hotel is great. You are settled in comfortably in an air-conditioned cafe, you can catch up with friends and hear one another without having to yell.

Sure, you may argue that hawker fare at a hawker centre is the best, but you have to at least try this! Located in the business district of singapore, M Hotel Singapore’s Cafe 2000 is one of the few dining options available to guests.


Cafe 2000 – an introduction

According to their website, the menu changes on a week to week basis, so I’m not too sure if these food items are still available during your visit.


seafood hokkien mee

Hokkien Mee – when in Singapore, Hokkien Mee is a dish on its own. It is not just the yellow noodles, but a combination of yellow and thick translucent white noodles (aka: thick rice noodles or laksa noodles) in a savory gravy with eggs and bean sprout. It is usually served with seafood (ie: fish cakes, prawns, calamari). It smells amazing and the noodles are cooked thoroughly without being over cooked. The flavours work really well with one another and it is quite delicious.


lobster laksa

Laksa on a whole new different level! The spicy coconut gravy is delicious and brimming with flavour, and the lobster is huge and generous. I really loved this dish! Lobster was cooked well, the noodles were great and the gravy was delicious. I want another one of these right about now.

Thank you to my lovely friend who told me about this lovely dish. Hopefully this will be available the next time I’m back in Singapore. It is a good laksa dish indeed.


Disclaimer: I dined here back in February 2015 and menu may have changed since then.