Bar Luca – Circular Quay

Burgers have been gaining quite a lot of traction recently especially with the Facebook group: FBAS (The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society) If you are after a burger and have no idea where to go, or is looking for a group to join for the latest deal and reviews on burgers, there’s one page you should look at.

So one of the more popular burger spots in the city is Bar Luca. There are other foods available besides burgers on the bistro menu, but we are here for the burgers aren’t we?


We made reservations and you can too!

I emailed ahead and asked to make a reservation. You can do so from their Contact Us page as well. When we turned up at 6.30pm on a Thursday, there were still a couple of spare tables around, but I’m glad we did make reservations, got a nice little table for 2 closer to the back where it was quieter. There’s no names on the table, but we did ask someone who pointed us to the right direction.


PULLED PORK with coleslaw, coriander & chipotle aioli – $14 (+$1 for gluten free bun)

Miss S decided to order a Pulled Pork burger with a gluten free bun. I mean look at it, it is drippy juicy epic. I took a pic of her burger 1st as she was totally starving, and while I was doing a few more food porn shots of my own burger, she was all over this one, and it was gone before I put my camera down. I’m guessing it is a good burger, no?


Sweet potato fries, Blame Canada and a beer. Perfect dinner.

Here’s a top view of a simple complete meal, including a beer. I ordered a pint for $11. There’s usually happy hour and other specials but I decided to go for one of my usual beers, a pale ale.

Sweet potato fries makes up for sides that I shared with Miss S, and this is my burger!


BLAME CANADA 200g wagyu beef pattie, maple glazed streaky bacon, poutine & maple aioli – $15

Hello burger! You huge heavy stack of gloriousness. I don’t know where to begin! It has bacon, bacon bacon, maple bacon, bacon makes me happy, a juicy piece of beef pattie and can you believe it? fries! Fries in my burger! I would usually order a side of fries to put in my fast food burgers, but hey look, someone has already done it for me here! It’s great. I like fries in my burgers so this worked out really well for me.

You can taste the sweet maple through the savoury burger which is quite lovely.


Cross section of Blame Canada

Here’s where the magic happens! A cross section of the Blame Canada. Great pink patties that are not under or over cooked, nice streaky bacon, melty cheese, nice layer of fries and sauce. Mmmmmmm. It was rather drippy and messy, and I always eat with cutlery so it didn’t bother me as much. For you handsy burger grabby people, you might want to take note where the nearest sinks are. It is worth it.


House cut sweet potato wedges – $8

With chipotle aioli. These sweet potato wedges, well, it is a good potato, and the herbs and salt on it was good, but it isn’t as crisp as I hoped it would be. It is not soggy, just soft and lacks that fried crunch to it. It is a good side though, sweet potatoes always make good sides.

It was a good experience over all, will probably head back for more burgers some time! It wasn’t the whole “Cheap Thursday” that we’ve planned, I suppose the $11 beer brought it wayyyy over my budget, I should have asked before ordering.

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