Ribs & Burgers – Eastgardens 

Pre-Movie time at Eastgardens and it is almost dinner! We have to eat, so it is food hunting time again. Eastgarden’s fancy restaurant section boasts quite a few lovely dining places and after a couple of laps around it, we decided on Ribs & Burgers. “Yeah, the last time I was here, I don’t mind this place, whatever I’m easy, you choose”. So of course, we just went straight for the burger place. Burgers are popular food aren’t they?  Burgers everywhere!

So fine, we had to wait a little to get a table, ended up outside, it wasn’t overly cold, just a little wind tunnel happening through the corridor. Best if someone grabbed a table while the other waits in line to order food. Food is ordered and paid for at the counter and someone will bring it up to your table for you.


Loving the logo

Bright lights, lots of people.


Cute cutlery holder and table number

Upon ordering, we are given our table number in a little watering can looking thing. It has sauces and cutlery. Yay cutlery! I am still in my cutlery phase, whereby I have to use cutlery to eat food. No cutlery no food in mouth. It is quite a challenge, as some places do not provide cutlery! Either that, or I’m crazy. Cutlery.


Aussie Burger – $16

This burger consists of beef mince patty, beetroot, pineapple, Swiss cheese, bacon, fried egg, shredded iceberg, tomato, Spanish onion, dill pickles and our pink & BBQ sauce. It is quite the burger, a good tall burger. The general style of eating a burger as such is the squish it all down, cut it in 1/2 with a knife, and eat 1/2 at a go.


Old School Cheese – $10.50 + $2 potato sticks

This is made up of beef mince patty, American cheese, mustard, pickles, onion, BBQ, and home-made aioli sauce. The burger itself is good. Potato sticks add a nice crunch to the whole burger, but the next time I’m back I’ll probably say “no” to the potato sticks. These potato sticks are just a packet of Arnotts French Fries. I don’t mind the French Fries, but not for an extra $2, it does add a good crunch to it, but I wouldn’t do it again for $2. I was hoping for actual potato sticks like a whole stick of potato, or regular shoe string fries. Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect.

That being said, the sides that we’ve ordered would have made a great addition to filling up the burger, giving it an extra height and crisp as well.



Huge serving size for each of the sides. A little more than the 2 of us could cope with. These regular size sides could feed at least 4 people easily.


Our Famous Chips (Regular) – $6

This is a huge huge bowl of hot chips. Good chips, and a ridiculously good serving size too. I suppose at $6 we should expect a nice big bowl, this is more than enough for 2 people! That is a lot of fries! Nothing wrong with a whole lot of fries, it was great to see a healthy serving of fries. More places need to do this.


Onion Rings (Regular) – $6

Now this is how I like my onion rings. Not those thick chunky under cooked onion rings, but these lightly fried goodness, where it is soft on the insides and crunchy on the outside. Still, too much food! It’s good but it is too much food.

There’s nothing wrong with too much food, except that onion rings are really tough to sneak into the cinema to continue snacking on. I would have stuffed this into my burgers, next time I’ll probably do that.


Adult Thickshake – White Chocolate & Raspberry – $10

Made of Sailor Jerry Rum, white chocolate syrup and raspberries blended with a lot more ice cream than milk. Alcoholic milkshakes are great, and there’s 2 different types of those too. We were going to get 1 thickshake each, but at the last second, I decided that just the 1 to share would be better. I’m glad we did, considering how much food there was!

Overall, it was a good experience and good meal before the movies. Still thinking of those onion rings.

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