Inferno Grill Cafe – Maroubra

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In Maroubra there’s been a cafe that has been gaining quite a bit of traction on FBAS (The Fatties Burgers Appreciation Society) group, and honestly, me living in the Eastern suburbs and not visiting it is just not right. So I dragged the someone along with me. There wasn’t that much dragging really, just said “hey, burgers?” and I got a reply “yup, let’s go”.

“Hey burgers?” Ah, 2 simple words that makes the day go better and faster. Off we go, walked to Inferno Grill located on Anzac Pde down the road from Maroubra Junction. This place serves burgers as well as skewers, meat and salad. A little chat with the owner and he mentioned that he gets a lot of regulars and he wants meals that would allow people to keep coming back, with a variety of healthier options and keeping burgers for special occasions. I think that’s a great idea. It is located in an area with lots of houses and apartments. There’s never enough restaurants even though Maroubra pretty much has anything and everything you can think of within walking distance.


Located along Anzac Pde, the sign is nice and bright.


The Clucking Pig – $10 + Chips and Drinks $6 (Total: $16)

An FBAS special, the clucking pig. It is an epic burger in both size, price and how generously portioned this item is. It is made up of bacon, strips of spicy chicken tender and slaw. You can get a $6 add on of chips and drinks which is pretty amazing I have to say.

The spicy chicken tenders and nice and crisp and has a good amount of spice that gives it quite a kick. I’m not that great with spicy food, but the person who ordered this loves his chilli and said this gives him a little tingle and it’s great.

The chips were nice and crunchy, of course I didn’t order my own and stole his. It was good till the bottom of the bowl.


Beef Burger – $10

I got myself a rather standard beef burger. The sauce is good, nice melty cheese, good beef patty. It’s a good burger. Why is it so tall? I have no idea. I ate it by splitting it down the middle and cutting up meat to bun ratio till I finished it.


homemade gelato

Further chatting with the owner, he tells us that all the gelato is made on site, home made and not factory churned stuff. How awesome is that? I will have to head back in some day with room for dessert. Till next time!

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