Rabbit Hole Bar – Sydney CBD

Been wanting to try out the cocktails at the Rabbit Hole Bar for awhile, since I’ve seen those fancy spherical pearls atop cocktails floating around Instagram.

XO Zombie – $19


From left: XO Zombie – $19, The White Cloud above Mt Gay – $18, New + Old School Sparkling Cocktail – $20

A good line up of drinks for the girls tonight. All of them were really interesting. I like my little popping spherical alcoholic balls.


Crispy twice cooked pork belly bites, maple syrup and pomegranate – $19

Delicious pieces of pork belly that’s all yummy and juicy. I love my pork belly bites, especially with a hint of sweetness, with this it comes from the maple syrup. At home I serve bacon with maple syrup, so when I’m out I should expect a similar treatment for my pork belly!


Hand cut fat chips with parmesan and truffle – $12

Thick chips, really thick chips. It was really chunky and I find myself having to cut into it with cutlery before feeding myself.


Revisted the Rabbit Hole Bar again a few weeks later, and had more cocktails and snacks

Violette is Crazy -$19, Life is Peachy – $19

Drinks are good, Violette has a really strong violet floral finish, and Peachy has a good citrus taste going through it.


Popcorn Pork – $14

Fried spiced popcorn pork served with a sweet dressing and a side of popcorn. It is a nice crunchy and fun dish to eat. This was a nice crisp dish. Popcorn wasn’t that great though.


Sweet potato chips – $10

I always tend to go for the sweet potato chips if I can. These were a little sad unfortunately. I guess the dipping sauce was good, and the sweet potato with flakes of sea salt was great, but it wasn’t overly crunchy. It’s like someone cut it in 1/2 and sliced it into chips and cooked it up.

Overall, this place is pretty good for drinks and get a simple side of snacks to go with.

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