JPB Swissotel (Groupon meal) – Sydney

I love my specials and going through coupon websites such as Groupon for a good deal or 2.  So this week, Miss S and myself decided to cash in our most recent purchase, a 5-course meal with a bottle of wine for 2 people for $79! It sure is a good deal.

JPB Dining is located Swissotel Sydney in the CBD. Very conveniently located. I do like the Crossroads Bar at the same venue as well. That’s where we usually take clients to for coffee as it is nice, quiet, cosy, yet fancy enough as well.


Wine – Cabernet Merlot

With our Groupon offer, we were to pick a bottle of wine to share. Miss S prefers red, and I am happy to give it a try as well. It isn’t too bad at all! Nice hint of sweetness in it and not too dry.


1st Course: Black garlic and chive damper with seaweed butter

No option on the 1st course, just damper with butter. The bread was nice and warm but rather dense, and I’m not too sure about the seaweed in butter, I suppose I’m just used to seaweed (wakame) salad on its own and not really in butter, or anywhere close to butter, but it is bread and butter after all.


2nd Course: Seafood chowder + Grissini

The soup wasn’t too bad. I did enjoy it. It was warming especially when it is raining outside, it is quite pleasant to have a nice hot bowl of soup.


3rd Course: Halloumi – rocket, linseed, pickled carrots, cucumber and radish finished with a lemon mascarpone

Couple of options on the 3rd course. Miss S had the Halloumi salad. A good mix of fresh vegetables arranged neatly on a plate. No complains there at all.


3rd Course: A la minute smoked salmon + seaweed salad and yuzu gel

This option is an upgrade for an additional $5 supplement. Salmon was nicely smoked, and here we have a side of seaweed salad where I expect to see. The yuzu gel had a nice citrus tone to it, it was quite an interesting experience.


4th Course: Tasmanian Atlantic salmon with chive hollandaise

Miss S went for the salmon. It was quite yummy. Salmon was nicely cooked and the skin is good and crisp.


4th Course: 12-hour braised short rib in pepper berry bordelaise sauce

I went for the 12-hour braised short rib. I found it a little too salty for my liking. On the other hand, I’m not that big on salt. The meat was cooked well and tender. At this point, I should have ordered a side of mash to go with it.


5th Course: triple chocolate cake with wild berries and vanilla cream

Dessert course! Always love a good dessert. It was between this and the banana cheesecake. Of course I went for the chocolate cake. I did enjoy the fudgey glaze, Miss S felt the cake wasn’t as moist as she hoped. The cream on the side helped bring it together.

As a Groupon experience, this isn’t all too bad. Service was fantastic, and the environment was peaceful. View out of the window of the Swissotel was pretty great too. If I got another voucher, I might have to consider getting meals that require a supplementary fee, cause I’m still regretting not picking the steak or scallop option for the 4th course, and maybe a side as well.


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