Luyu & Yum Yum – Newtown

Yay! Finally off to Luyu & Yum Yum I go! This little visit is to celebrate Miss L’s birthday. It is a little late for it, but better late than never. It was such a lovely Friday too. Been wanting to go to Luyu & Yum Yum since I saw all of those incredibly pretty pictures of really cute dumplings floating around Instagram and Facebook.

pretty yellow colours – menu

Loving the bright yellow against the black table. I do like the simple paper menus. It is straight forward, concise, and has all the information you need to order a meal without being overwhelmed with too many options.


7 Flavoured Tofu $12.80

Tofu, Jasmine flower, red pepper, seaweed, black sesame, white sesame, sesame seed and poppy seed. Vegetarian.

This is a great starter dish. I can imagine eating this with beer or cocktails. The crispy fried thin rice noodles base is great, tofu has a nice flavour and the skin is nicely fried without being greasy. I honestly can’t tell the difference between white sesame, black sesame, sesame seed and poppy seed flavours separately, but the other flavours were pretty prominent in the dish. Each cube was of a perfect size as well.


Manga dumpling hedgehog $12.80

King oyster mushroom, chinese mushroom, fungi, carrot, coriander in flour dough baked. vegetarian.

Dish of the night! The sweet bun stuffed with a whole healthy host of ingredients was amazing. This is too cute to eat, but we managed either way. The spikes gives the extra crunch to the dish and flavours were just lovely. Everything worked so well together. Should have taken up the option of going for 4 pieces instead of the standard 3. Will return for more!


Mr Luyu “Starbust” dumpling $11.80

Chicken & Mr Luyu’s homemade soup in fruit infused four dough steamed.

These are really pretty and when I saw them I just had to order them. It tastes quite like a normal Xiao Long Bao, just prettier. The flavours are pretty good, a little salty when cooled down. Soup is hot! But I would still recommend eating it hot instead of waiting for it to cool down.


“Kiss me” dumplings $10.80

Chicken, ginger, shallot & Luyu home-made soup in flour dough steamed.

This vs the starburst, well they both are pretty similar in taste honestly. You can taste the ginger a little, but it is not overwhelming so that was perfect.


Tea Lovers (2 share) $12.80

Green tea gelato, mango sego, mango and strawberry chocolate. Out of all the desserts, this is the option we went for. Miss L really loves green tea and anything matcha and I love my sego so we went straight for it. Mango unfortunately is not really my favourite fruit in that amount, so Miss L ate most of that. Green tea gelato was quite good though.

I’m not sure if I would pick another dessert from the menu, just cause I’m not a fan of most fruit. There’s the Affogelico , but Miss L doesn’t like coffee.


a final overview of dinner

Some of the tofu have been consumed, but most of the food are still intact when this photo was taken. Everything is just so pretty! Most of the conversation of the evening involved “OMG it’s so cute! So pretty!”,  “I can’t poke it, no I can’t eat it” and little evil’ol me just said “flick the sesame eyes off and cut its head off!”. We had to start somewhere.


cute neon fortune god looking at us on the way out

Looking forward to visiting Luyu & Yum Yum again especially for more of that Hedgehog buns.

Service is fantastic and we had a great time.


Revisited Luyu and Yum Yum on a Wednesday.

Had a client visiting from Perth and after looking through my food photos, decided that this was the place I should take her to. Wasn’t disappointed at all!

Mini Frisbee – $9.80

These were alright. The sides were nice and crispy and the middle was quite a standard dough. It is yummy with chilli oil.


Garlic Bread (4pc) – $7.80

I love my mantou, and I do this at home sometimes. It is not too bad! We ordered this after all the other dumplings arrived and decided we needed more substantial food.


Caviar Dumpling (4pc) – $13.80

Prawn, Carrot, Coriander & Celery in Rice Dough Steamed.

On top of the other dumplings and tofu I ordered at my last visit, decided to give the caviar dumplings a go. The skin is of a similar wrapper as “har gow/xia jiao” – crystal prawn dumplings, you find at yum cha. The girls found the wrapper a little chewy, but after I mentioned that it was the same type of wrapper as har gow, they understood that it wasn’t the same wrapper as the Xiao Long Bao.

The filling was pretty good. This made up for my 1 serve of prawn a day. Good flavours.


Flying Seafood Dumpling (4pc) – $13.80

Scallop, Fish-ball, Prawn, Asparagus & Flying Fish Roe in Rice Dough Steamed

Same wrapper as above, nice flavours.


Snow white dumpling (3pc) – $12.80, Manga Dumpling *Hedgehog* (3pc) – $12.80

Bunnies: Prawn, Asparagus, Bamboo shoot & Luyu Home-made Creamy Soup in Chrysanthemum infused Potato Starch Dough

Made with the same crystal wrappers as the previous prawn-filled yumminess, unfortunately I didn’t get one of these. It sure is incredibly cute and pretty!

Hedgehog: King Oyster Mushroom, Chinese Mushroom, Fungi, Carrot, Coriander in Flour Dough Baked

Still my favourite dish, favourite vegetarian dish too. The normal serve is 3pc for $12.80 and we added the 4th piece for $4.60 (or $4.80?). I found these hedgehogs’ spikes a lot tidier than the one I had the week before. Still cute, still yummy. We were about to order a 2nd serve of these things right before I suggested more drinks and dessert.


top view with cocktails.



Mr Black Espresso, Kiss of the Dragon – $15.80 each

What dinner will be complete without some cocktails? Yummy cocktails!

I had the Mr Black Espresso (of course) comes with a double shot of espresso, great way to start the night.


Miss Newtown Sour, Martini – $15.80 each

More pretty drinks!


Ka-Go-Shi-Ma -$16.80, Kiss of the Dragon – $15.80, King of Newtown Sour – $15.80 and Mr Yumyum Jasmine Tea $16.80

Cocktails before dessert


Affogelico (2 Share) – $12.80

Illy’s Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream, Oreos, Biscuit Roll & Frangelico

More coffee to make my day! And a serve of that Tea Lovers as well.

Overall, it was a great experience and service was just as fantastic as it was before. Wednesday was a lot quieter than Friday, but we were glad that we made a booking. Honestly you would never know! It is such a lovely place after all.

Ended up walking back to the city to take a bus instead of training it back, very pleasant evening indeed.


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