The Little Snail – Pyrmont

Another fantastically fun dinner with Miss S, and we got our hands on another Groupon voucher to try. I’ve been to The Little Snail previously for the EOFY company dinner with work, loved it, and when I found this voucher, I really couldn’t skip it can’t I?

The groupon voucher is $85 for 2 people x 3 course set meal with a drink each. The RRP for each 3 course set meal is $60 per person without drinks, so at $85 it is pretty awesome!


Chilli cheese and garlic bread – $6

This is something I’m replicated at home right now. The honey is a fantastic touch, it is something I’ve never considered having on garlic bread, and it works so well! Love the cheese and chilli too.


1st course: Escargot – snails baked in garlic butter and herbs

Miss S has never had escargots before and I recommended that she try this and she didn’t mind it at all. I do like my snails! It has the texture of mussels, a more land-based grassy taste. The escargots at The Little Snail (such a perfect name) is done really well, the shells are all intact, and the flavours are good. Would love for it to be slightly saltier but I would never dare add salt in my food. Just pull it out, and dip it into the sauce and it will taste pretty good.


1st course: salmon roulade – smoked salmon stuffed with cheese mousse topped with potato nest and passion fruit dressing

This was my 2nd option after escargots, and it was Miss S’s backup plan as well, so we ordered it to share. It was really good! I loved the flavours on this one. The cheese is nice and smooth, the salmon was not too salty, good smoked flavours, the potato nest on top is fantastic for the extra crunch and texture.


2nd course: seafood plate

Very generous portion. I can’t imagine anyone finishing this entire dish. There’s quite a few different components on this plate, and each were done really well. Calamari and soft shell crabs were battered well, nice and crisp, the salmon (hiding) was delicious, and everything on the plate was pretty good.


2nd course: kangaroo fillet served on a mashed potatoes

I had the kangaroo during the EOFY dinner many years ago, and I can’t quite forget how much I liked it. This is served pre-sliced on a bed of baby spinach and mashed potatoes. The gravy has a really good flavour, kangaroo is served rare and I think it’s done perfectly. Everything on the plate is fantastic. I will go back for kangaroo if I can.


3rd course: Dessert – profiteroles

Miss S wanted profiteroles. According to her, it was the 1st dish she decided on when she looked at the menu, even before deciding on any of the other 2 courses. The choux pastry is lovely and the cream filling is nice and smooth. Really enjoyed it!


3rd course: Dessert – chocolate gateau with sorbet

I wasn’t sure what I wanted for dessert, but one can never go wrong with a rich sounding chocolate cake and sorbet. This cake was nice, dense and rich. Loved it. I like the sorbet as well, good amount of contrast and completed the meal really nicely.

Service is fantastic, and will return indeed! In the mean time, I’m living off my version of honey and cheese on garlic bread.

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