Single Origin Roasters – Surry Hills

Headed to Surry Hills/Central area to pick up a cake, and decided to stop by Single Origins Roasters for some lovely breakfast over the weekend. This sure is a lot closer to Central than I’ve expected and it is great to know that if I’m too lazy to drive, I can take the bus in (next time).

Been wanting to take Mr T to SOR for the longest time. He loves his coffee, and can’t live without it, what’s better than taking him to a place with good coffee for breakfast? I’m there for the pretty latte art. Nah, I kid… I’m a bigger coffee lover than he is. I go for quality, he’s all about quantity when it comes to this highly delicious bean.


cappuccino – $4 each

I love my coffee, smooth velvety foam, strong coffee, pretty art, pretty cups. Everything was just right in this cup.


Single O Reuben sandwich with potato salad – $15

Mr T really liked it. Said it was one of the better Reuben’s he’s had since the pretty damn amazing one he had in NYC. Except it needed more sauerkraut. I’m not a fan of sauerkraut, I think it’s just the right about of that. Good sandwich. Potato salad looks good too.


Miso-buttered corn, shallots, braised greens, asparagus and deviled poached egg – $14

A vegetarian dish! I’m surprised at myself at this particular order, and was even more surprised with the amount of shallots this dish came with. I did get a side serve of bacon of course. But hey, I love corn! The corn was so so so very good. Scraped most of the shallots aside, and I loved the corn very much indeed. Poached egg was totally food-porn/egg-porn worthy.


side of bacon – $4

Who can say no to this bowl of bacon? Mmmm bacon.


front of cafe

Fun and friendly staff, service was great! Now I’ll definitely try to hunt down the CBD store, and get myself some awesome coffee before work.

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