Cafe Cre Asion – Surry Hills

After seeing lots of pretty pictures of Cafe Cre Asion, decided that I had to look it up on a map to figure out which part of Surry Hills is this located. Realised that it is quite accessible from the city and I can totally walk to work from there, so I made plans to go early one morning.

It is quite hidden away, and based on location, it really isn’t too far from the city at all! Perfect for a 1-man breakfast hideout before work.


Overview of breakfast

Got to the cafe and decided I had to have the chocolate fondant cake, so I did! it arrived and it was just so pretty! The colour contrast of the blue plate with the fresh berries and green matcha dust on the deliciously smelling cake. Mmmm…

For my next option will be the kinako mochi. LOVE mochi. Just wasn’t a breakfast item.


This coffee! I love the spoon, and the beans by SOR, always a good choice indeed.


Ahhhhh the flowy matcha cream goodness! It is not as liquidy as I expected but once it hits the warm cake, it will start flowing.


This is as total foodporn worthy shot. Once the matcha cream is poured onto the cake, cut through it and the chocolate fondant mixes perfectly with the flowy matcha cream, and everything is perfect. Love the fresh summer berries that goes with it.

I found the cake a little too sweet overall, I suppose it will be better served with some hot tea than milky coffee even though I do not add sugar to my coffee. But this dish is just too pretty to miss out on!


I had to get a little something to go. The swissroll’s sponge is the type of spongy-shortbready cake type that is just perfect. The cream is a lovely matcha flavour, and just wonderfully soft!


cookies anyone?

Here are more options for snacks for later! Cookies! I will have to head back in and try these another time. They look awesome, pretty, buttery and probably really good too!


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