Cream & Custard – Singapore


Early one morning, right before visiting the grandparents, Miss Ax and the brother-in-law decided to take me to a lovely cafe near their pretty new home. I noticed the sign from the carpark as it was so different from the rest of the signs you usually find at a HDB block.



I spy, with my little eyes, watermelon strawberry cake! Something I’m familiar with. I was told that the owner has toured Sydney and Melbourne a lot for his inspirations and I have to say, spot on!

I’m not a fan of the watermelon cake, just dislike watermelon in general, but my sisters seem to love it. Considering watermelon is quite a common fruit found and consumed in South East Asia, this sure worked out quite well. Looks like it is a lot thicker than what you will find here.

In the back, there’s “The Black Ball”, recommended as very Instagram worthy.



View from the side

Just so pretty isn’t it?




I’m loving the looks of the pastry offerings here! Everything looks just so pretty!



Triple Chocolate

We decided that out of the 3 of us, we will share 1 cake and 3 coffees. It was too early in the morning. So we went straight for the Triple Chocolate.


As you can see, the mousse looks amazingly rich, the pretty gold dust on top of the blueberries were just lovely. I love the crunch of the cocoa nibs on the side too, and the mirror glaze is just so pretty.



Take away

We just had to get some take away, why not? The twine tie gives it quite the lovely touch.

Really enjoyed our experience here. Singapore sure is getting pretty good with all the cafes. I love how soft and calm it feels at this cafe. Can’t wait to head back again soon!