Twenty Grammes – Singapore

The number of cafes in Singapore sure is growing. There are a lot more cafes now that we ever had when growing up. 10 years ago, it was either roti prata or kaya toast, but now we have cafes with pretty cakes and coffees around most corners.

On the evening I was to board a plane back to Sydney, I pulled out a list of “20 To-Die-For Salted Egg Yolk Dishes in Singapore” by Lady Ironchef and pointed to Twenty Grammes’ charcoal waffles with ice cream and salted egg yolk sauce. My sister jumped right out of the couch and we drove straight there. The list was long, but this was the closest to home and my sister Mrs HA approved of this selection.

Ice Cream!

All these flavours! I suppose Matcha is pretty standard, but there’s Thai Red Tea, and root beer? That’s just great!



toppings for ice cream

Create your own sundae or parfait and add these toppings on your choices. Lots of choices to pick from.




If you prefer, you can have your cake and eat it too. Cakes here at Twenty Grammes are really really pretty. Will have to head back in to try it next time.



latte art

Coffee with a pretty little swan. It’s reasonably good coffee.



charcoal waffles + strawberry cheesecake ice cream

Hiding behind the waffles is the little pot I came here for. A pot of salted egg yolk sauce!



this is what I’m here for

Food porn shot!


mmmm fluffy charcoal waffles

This was pretty good I have to say! Miss HA wasn’t sure at first, but when she cut into it and saw how amazingly fluffy it is, she started attacking my strawberry ice cream and that sauce.



loving the overhead deco

This is a place I will probably come back to when I’m back on vacation!