Happy 2016!

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful 2016! Thank you all for your ongoing support through the years, this year I strive to work harder to produce better food photos for your viewing pleasure, and hopefully more than just food as well.



I have had the great opportunity to celebrate my birthday on New Years Eve (as per usual, since it actually is on New Year’s Eve), with an extra special location this year. Garden Island at Potts Point with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.




Cake from Fuji Bakery – Killarney Heights

Thank you work for my lovely cake! Fuji Bakery is still the best Strawberry Shortcake in Sydney! (Sponge cake with fresh cream and fresh strawberries). They do deliveries as well, just check out their website for the full  list of delivery times and pricing.


 One of my food goals for the year is to have less waste, and learning to create meals from leftovers. I seem to be doing quite alright! (See below)



As we know, most places are closed over Christmas and I wasn’t sure if Coles would be open on New Years, so I picked up
(1) whole roast chicken,
(2) box of mixed leaf salad
(3) pasta salad.

There was a box of pesto pasta leftover from our NYE party dinner hamper, along with lots of dips, cheese and nuts.  

Chips, sweets and chocolate were packed away for work.


Day 1 (1st Jan)

Day 1 breakfast

Breakfast: Fluffy pancakes made from just eggs, flour and milk. With mandatory coffee of course. Flour is a staple at my house, so pancakes it is.


Day 1 dinner

Dinner: Mixed leaf salad with pesto pasta and pasta salad, flavoured with crushed nuts for texture and salt, served with roast chicken and topped off with fried egg on top.


Day 2 (2nd Jan)




Breakfast: The was bread in the freezer and lebanese flat bread in the fridge, so I fried up some french toast. I suppose it is always really handy to have  a carton of eggs in the fridge at all times. Bacon, bacon is always good.

Mandatory coffee of course.


Day 2 Snacks

Snack time: Goats cheese (Cranberry with nuts and Chilli) homemade by Miss S’s aunt, leftover Camembert cheese (from hamper) and a cut of truffle brie that I’ve been saving. Served with Rocks Brewing One-Shot: Caffeinated Red Ale. Yup, beer and cheese is the way to go.

Side note on the growler,  best to consume within 48hrs upon purchase. If not, this was a good 10 days after purchase. It was still good as long as you don’t crack the seal open before that.



Day 2 Dinner

Dinner: Roast chicken diced up mixed with chilli sauce and Nando’s Perinaise, served on toasted buns with mixed leaf salad. Side of pesto pasta mixed with pasta salad topped with crushed nuts.


Day 3 (3rd Jan)

Day 3 Breakfast

Breakfast: Soft Boiled eggs and buttered toast with coffee.

Really should have let the eggs sit at room temperature for a slightly longer period of time before putting it in a freshly boiled water bath. Was running a little late for archery unfortunately, and had to rush this meal by sitting the eggs in boiling water over flame. Still good!


Day 3 Dinner


Dinner: Roast chicken stir fried with bacon strips, wrapped in lebanese flat bread toasted with chopped up leftover cheddar cheese and (more of that) mixed leaf salad. Side of (remaining) pesto pasta and pasta salad. Served up the remaining One-Shot Rocks Brewing Co’s caffeinated red ale.

Note to self, when cracking open a 10 day growler, best to finish within the same meal, and not the day after.




Some of the boats in the harbour had their sails outlined in lights, which was really pretty.




Happy 2016 everyone! May your year be fantastic, wonderful and eat lots of great food! 🙂