Textbook Boulangerie Pattiserie- Alexandria

Lovely weekend with Miss O. We have been planning to do desserts for ages (and we still have a few more places up our sleeves that we want to go to), but this weekend, we decided to do something that’s totally Instagram worthy and go for the pretty cakes.

So here we are at Alexandria’s Textbook Boulangerie Pattiserie. Textbook has been making its rounds on Instagram quite a lot recently, and I am not surprised at all! Look at how pretty their cakes are!


These cute little cakes don’t come cheap, with an average of $8 a piece. they are really pretty and the description for them all sound pretty yummy as well. There’s chocolate, cheesecake, apple crumble etc… It doesn’t look like they have many choices out each day, but it sure is difficult to pick just one.


Large cakes

Here we have the mini cake’s larger counterparts. It is awesome that you can eat the little ones at the shop itself, then pick a larger one to share at a party later. I suppose I did say “share”! It is quite large. There aren’t any prices set out here to see, so it would be best to ask the staff there.




If cakes aren’t your thing for breakfast, or you would prefer to start with a meal then head to dessert, Textbook does have quite a decent selection of sandwiches and pastries for you to pick from.



Yup, I went straight for the cheesecake. It has a lovely dome and is filled with port jelly, blueberry and seated atop a graham cracker crust. it is topped with 1 blueberry, a coloured chocolate and a silver flake. I’m all for eating metal, working in the precious metal industry and all that. I love my shinies.

As you can see in the background, mandatory coffee.


Here is a bite of cheesecake on a fork. Check out a whole blueberry on my fork! The cheesecake is quite smooth with a gummy coating which is probably the shiny coating on the cake to give it a full gloss finish. It is not too bad. I feel that this cake has quite a lot of “artsy” elements to it more than anything. The flavours aren’t bad, it is just that the cake looks more pretty than anything. I wouldn’t mind it again. I do enjoy that strange gummy texture of cheesecake. I’m weird like that.


Apple Crumble

Miss O went for the apple crumble. She saw it on Instagram and decided that that would be a good choice to go for. She’s not wrong at all. It does taste all applely and with the graham crumble surrounding it, it does taste quite like an apple crumble.


coffee and crossiant


This is a crossiant with Béchamel sauce. It was a little over toasted. I didn’t try it. Stuck with my cake. Coffee was alright. Good foam.



Overall, it would be best to drive there there. Parking isn’t too bad on a weekend. The cakes look really gorgeous, I would love to try the chocolate cake the next time I visit. I would probably try one of the other croissants as well. They do look good, we must have ordered the only thing that didn’t look pretty there.



Front entrance

There’s a sign at the door that says “7am till sold out”. We were there at approximately 11.30am on Saturday and managed to grab ourselves those cakes. Would love to try some of their bread next time.

Thank you staff at Textbook for allowing us free reign with our phones and camera, using multiple tables and your table flower displays as props. Miss O and I had a great time there.


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