Petal Met Sugar – Woolollmoolo 


Or tea, however you like to call it, Petal Met Sugar is a florist/cafe. You can have your cake, and buy flowers too! The place is absolutely pretty, clean and bright, lots of fresh flowers, just lovely!

Drinks: Cappuccino (L) $4, Soy Latte (L) $4.50, Almond Flat White (L) $4.50,  Chamomile & Elderflower Tea $5

It is pretty cool that they do serve almond milk here at Petal Met Sugar. Dad was totally excited about it. The milk was frothed really nicely, really smooth. Sister was happy with the tea.


Citron Tart – $6

I can (almost) never say no to a lemon tart, especially one this pretty. The curd is yummy, good acidity, and I really like the rich pastry on this one. The meringue shards are a little soft and crumbly, it is pretty but not my favourite part of the tart. Candied zest is great and those edible flowers? The colours are so perfect together!


Salted Caramel Tart – $6

Miss O went straight for the salted caramel tart. The caramel on this one is almost toffee-like. Very thick, rich and sticky. The deco on the tart sure is pretty! We spent quite awhile taking pics of these food. Feast with the eyes 1st then then stomach.


Terrarium – $9.50

After we all put our orders in, out came the terrariums. Passionfruit finger lime panacotta, cocoa nib soil, baby lemon balm, edible flowers in a white chocolate bowl. It is quite the pretty little garden! We had to have at least one, so we did. The panacotta had a very lovely acidity to it, mixed in with crunchy soil, it worked really well together.


Smoked ham and Gruyere Croissant – $6.50

Flaky croissant lightly toasted with ham and cheese, it is what you expect of a ham and cheese croissant and is pretty satisfying.


Looking back, I should have noticed the Saturday only special, where I can order a tasting trio of eclair, peach oolong and chocolate candy bar (aka: the 3 items we didn’t order), along with these dishes, so that we may try literately every dessert on the menu.


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