jStyle Issue 15 2017

Another year another great opportunity to write for the wonderful jStyle magazine. This is the 3rd year running and I am really grateful for this opportunity to write for jStyle again. This magazine is widely distributed within Australia and features the wonderful destination that is Japan.

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Why I love Akihabara

Why I love Akihabara – Pages 56-57

This year, the focus is back on Akihabara again, the town I love. In comparison with last year’s Akihabara article, this year, the focus is more on the culture and history of this place and how it has developed over the last hundred years into what it is today.



Anime is Life

Anime is Life – Pages 58 – 59

Another one of my favourite topics in the subculture category is Anime. Writing about a topic such as Anime and reaching out to a wide audience can be quite a task, therefore the focus here was to discover a concept within Anime and Manga that can be easily acceptable by people from various background  with different levels of understanding of Anime.




Beginners Guide to Sake

Beginners’ Guide to Sake – Pages 68 – 69

Very happy to see another one of my articles published in the 2017 jStyle magazine! Sake is such a popular drink and it is great to see that there has been a growing interest in Australia with regards to this delicious and interesting beverage.



Thank you NichiGo Press for the wonderful opportunity to do this write up again this year.