What I’m trying to do here – June 2013

Currently living in Sydney, Australia and making a living, getting ready for an adventure in USA. Starting from Hawaii to Nebraska. Visiting the bf and his family for my vacation. July – August 2013. Just for 3 weeks!

I’m someone who enjoys planning ahead, every detail as much as possible, before stepping into something. This trip is going to be (as described by my lovely friend, Jess, who suggested I start this blog) an adventure.
1stly: I’ve never been camping or fishing and it is making me rather nervous having to do this. Not a bug person.
2ndly: Nothing is set in stone. Bf is taking care of all the planning, and he is the “let’s just wing it” kinda guy.
3rdly: AUD:USD exchange rate kinda sux right now, and there is no “let’s just stay in a hotel!” if something goes wrong.
4thly: The only thing that is set is my ticket from SYD to HI and HI to SYD. We have to agree on the travel dates in between, and I can’t be stuck in some other city besides HNL on my way back.

This blog starts a month before the trip, showing some of the things I’ve been planning and preparing before I leave.
1) Travel adapters, plugs, phone chargers, cables
2) Overdosing on vit B, purchasing every possible bug spray, mosquito bands, creams and ointments
3) Gifts for people I’m visiting.
4) Pre-shopping and making lists.

In the mean time, I have to do all my day to day stuff. This includes:
1- Having to go to work every weekday and alternate Saturdays
2- Going out to dinner and movies with friends, blogging about food.
3- Archery Sundays. Practice killing bunnies!
4- Facebook, anime. Counting down the days to my vacation.

Looking at all the food posts I have, hopefully I will be able to continue food blogging when I get back! One day, this will make a good guide I’m sure!

Wish me luck!

ps: there will be a lot of back posts, as Internet isn’t as freely available as I would like it to be. Do check back!