Back from break – April 2015

2014 was an amazing year and I’m glad I’ve had such a great opportunity to have tried so many different types of food and places. Eating is an enjoyment and I just love having the chance to do that. Been taking a long long time off to do what I had to do, to get on with what I needed to do, and hopefully to achieve more.

The end of 2014 took quite an interesting turn in my life. A few changes and lots of adjustments. Right now I’m working towards a better 2015, and at the moment it is looking great!

I finally got to visit my family in Singapore during the Chinese New Year period (previously I’ve never been able to) and this time it was for a much longer visit, sister is now married. Singapore has changed so much, and it keeps changing each time I return. I’ve been back a couple of times, but never for this long and it is just amazing.


Sister’s wedding! We had to host 2 wedding banquets, 1 in Singapore and another in Penang to cover as many of our friends and family members as possible. The fun bits were that I had to cover the Penang wedding as a “photographer” with my iPhone. That was an incredibly interesting experience I have to say.


After her wedding, off to Tokyo I went! For a nice 6 days. Totally have to revisit that place that’s for sure. I have to thank a friend of mine for giving me the push to go, from a birthday card to getting me travel guides to Tokyo, it was just amazing. I saw snow, that was just beautiful. And in Tokyo, visited a few places, tried the most amazing fish sashimi rice bowl. I mean that tuna, that was the most amazing piece of fatty tuna ever. It is better than any tuna I’ve ever tasted. It is smoother and way more melty than your regular oo-toro.

Then back to work!

Even when I’m back in reality, everything was just so amazing. Bought a new bow, the Mathews Chill SDX which was the bow I’ve been dreaming of for the whole of last year. I am just glad that I made up my mind and decided to get that. She is pretty, (unfortunately extremely temperamental at this stage till I get her tied down and fixed up), perfect to hold on to and pull back. and she is just the way I would like my bow to be.


Here is to 2015! A better year and for many more years to come!