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Luyu & Yum Yum – Newtown

Yay! Finally off to Luyu & Yum Yum I go! This little visit is to celebrate Miss L’s birthday. It is a little late for it, but better late than never. It was… Continue reading

Jin Shan Lou – Singapore (Marina Bay Sands)

This trip back to Singapore (February 2015) was invited to a fancy fancy lunch with the family. As it was quite awhile ago, please feast your eyes on the photos without too many… Continue reading

Belly Bao @ Goodgod Small Bar – Haymarket

Good god! The buns at this place! So so good. Finally got my hands on some! Been seeing pics floating around a lot with these really awesome buns. We have them back home… Continue reading

Waitan – Haymarket

Wai Tan. This place was one of the most popular places last year, and I’m here late in the game! Never fear! Food will always be there to be consumed, especially for a… Continue reading

iPot – Haymarket

Finally! Here I am finally at iPot! I love hotpot, it is the best thing on a cold cold day, it makes you strong enough to grab winter by the balls and say “screw… Continue reading

Zen Oasis – Berrima

  A lovely Sunday in Berrima, now who will say no? The temperature for that day was at 0 degrees Celsius, and even under the bright midday sun, the air was still freezing… Continue reading

Golden Unicorn – Maroubra

Ah, a weekend after archery, and the sun beating down in your face. And feeling just a little under the weather from all the rain. I wanted congee, so where do I go?… Continue reading

China Republic – Sydney (Part 2)

Please view Part 1 here I believe that big dinners should deserve a separate post instead of slapping more pics onto the same link. Also, because, this dinner is important to all of… Continue reading

Kiroran Silk Road Uygur Restaurant – Haymarket

Looking for some Halal Chinese style food? For some amazing lamb skewers? Here we have Kiroran at Dixon One, with some lovely Uygur food! They are a Halal restaurant, so no pork. I… Continue reading

China Republic – Sydney

Located at World Square. This is a fairly new restaurant, and there’s talk about the expensive renovation costs for this restaurant. I can see it there. It looks amazing. This post is long… Continue reading

The Meeting Point – Haymarket

So many Chinese places here in Australia gets totally lost in translation. “The Meeting Point” has the Chinese name “甲乙丙丁” which loosely translates to “first, second, third, fourth” in terms of ranking, or… Continue reading

Golden Century – Haymarket

“Dinner at Golden Century?” Said the boss of Sydney Gold Traders, our client. “SURE!” We all cancelled our Monday plans, and made our way over to the rumoured “most expensive Chinese restaurant in… Continue reading