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Petal Met Sugar – Woolollmoolo 

Or tea, however you like to call it, Petal Met Sugar is a florist/cafe. You can have your cake, and buy flowers too! The place is absolutely pretty, clean and bright, lots of… Continue reading

Textbook Boulangerie Pattiserie- Alexandria

Lovely weekend with Miss O. We have been planning to do desserts for ages (and we still have a few more places up our sleeves that we want to go to), but this… Continue reading

Cafe Cre Asion – Surry Hills

After seeing lots of pretty pictures of Cafe Cre Asion, decided that I had to look it up on a map to figure out which part of Surry Hills is this located. Realised… Continue reading

Lorraine’s Patisserie – Sydney CBD

Located in a little alley down between an optometry and a clothing store, this shop isn’t overly visible from the outside, but it sure is rather well known for their lovely cakes and… Continue reading

Devon on Danks – Surry Hills

I do tend to find myself behind the crowds most of the time, when it comes to trying out new cafes. Would love to get ahead and try out the new stuff, but… Continue reading

Dreamakers Cake (Online – for Sydney)

Looking for a cake to order for your next birthday? Well, here’s a nice one to consider! Dreamakers. It is an online webstore at the moment, and they do deliveries from Mondays to… Continue reading

Rice cooker bread at home!

Is anyone up for baking some bread this weekend? Here I have a recipe that allows you to bake a basic loaf of bread without an oven or fancy bread machine! Adapted from… Continue reading

Brewtown – Newtown

A popular place for Cronut (Brewnuts as they call it here) that has been all over instagram. So on this bright and sunny Saturday, we waited in line for a table. We were… Continue reading

Fuji Japanese Bakery – Killarney heights

Recently, I’ve posted a reddit post on hunting for the perfect “Japanese strawberry shortcake” aka: Ichigo Shor-to-ca-ke. This is the original reddit post about the strawberry shortcake hunt. So I ended in Killarney… Continue reading

The Dough Collective – Sydney

A bakery in town! I’ve only been away for 12 days and there’s so many things that happened around town and at work. Found it really tough to catch up. But this is… Continue reading

Sparkle Cupcakery – Surry Hills

I’m sure many of you probably have heard of Sparkle Cupcakery and even tried this place out. It is supposed to be the most luxurious cupcake brand in Sydney. . Firstly, I would… Continue reading

Little Cupcakes – Melbourne

After that lovely breakfast with my friend, I started strolling along the lovely streets of Melbourne. Definitely envious of the people living there. Great cafe culture, cafés everywhere, brunch seems to be the… Continue reading