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Checkerboard Cake – Homecooking Wreckventure

Making a cake that is a surprise from the inside and out, that’s art, right there. Many years ago, while watching “Cake Boss” on TV, I was introduced to this marvelous creation right… Continue reading

Bacon Roses – Homecooking Wreckventure

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are like me, food is better than flowers! (I do like flowers, but who’s to say no to edible flowers?) Now bacon roses are… Continue reading

Chewy Cheesy Buns

Ever since my 1st chewy cheese bread from Churrasco Brazilian, I have been determined to discover the secret to this cheesy chewy bread. How awesome is it that there’s a recipe for it… Continue reading

Stove-top (frying pan) Cheesecake

Cheesecake in a frying pan – No oven? Do not fear! You can “bake” a cheesecake in a frying pan! Serve this up at your next party and WOW your guests! Original recipe… Continue reading

Bacon rollies – homecooking wreckventure

Waking up on a Saturday morning of a weekend with a work shift isn’t overly pleasant, but since work starts at 11am anyway, plenty of time to make breakfast. So as per usual,… Continue reading

Egg Clouds – Homecooking Wreckventure

Inspired by various posts on Reddit’s /r/food “egg clouds”, this is my version of it. Egg clouds essentially are egg white meringues, with egg yolk centre and baked at a low temperature so… Continue reading

Oreo Rice Krispy Treats – Homecooking Wreckventure

What do people usually do on a Saturday evening? In my case, it seems like I’m usually baking or creating something. So here I am again, with my weekend activity. Adapted from Chef… Continue reading

Rice cooker bread at home!

Is anyone up for baking some bread this weekend? Here I have a recipe that allows you to bake a basic loaf of bread without an oven or fancy bread machine! Adapted from… Continue reading

Peanut butter stuffed chocolate truffle cookie

Another one of my home cooking wreckventures! Adapted from the original recipe from Half Baked Harvest. Got home after a long day at an exhibition for work, and working for the last 13… Continue reading

Matcha “pan” cakes (Rice cooker cake)

I’ve recently found a recipe online that showed how to make a pancake in a rice cooker, so this is my attempt! Recipe calls for: 300g of hot cake mix 200ml milk 2… Continue reading

Matcha milkshake (latte) at home

Thanks to T2’s 18th anniversary offer, 18% off everything, bought myself a lovely tea-ceremony bamboo whisk and some lovely matcha powder. And also, the lovely Anna, one of the Tea Ambassadors from T2… Continue reading

Home made sushi rolls (packed lunch)

I’m really into prepping these Japanese snacks these days. Made some homemade sushi rolls for work. It’s really basic stuff, mostly prepackaged items, but it just looks so pretty. I can still remember… Continue reading