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Cafe Cre Asion – Surry Hills

After seeing lots of pretty pictures of Cafe Cre Asion, decided that I had to look it up on a map to figure out which part of Surry Hills is this located. Realised… Continue reading

Belly Bao @ Goodgod Small Bar – Haymarket

Good god! The buns at this place! So so good. Finally got my hands on some! Been seeing pics floating around a lot with these really awesome buns. We have them back home… Continue reading

Palsaik (Korean BBQ) – Haymarket

Opened from 6th Feb 2015 at Haymarket, near World Square, there’s a new Korean BBQ restaurant that opened. This is a chain restaurant that has shops in Seoul: Korea (of course), Beijing & Shanghai:… Continue reading

Waitan – Haymarket

Wai Tan. This place was one of the most popular places last year, and I’m here late in the game! Never fear! Food will always be there to be consumed, especially for a… Continue reading

Gyuzo – Haymarket

More yakiniku! I have to say, this is pretty much like, one of my favourite summer cuisine. Nothing says “Summer” quite like a BBQ, though truth be told, I rather it be indoors… Continue reading

iPot – Haymarket

Finally! Here I am finally at iPot! I love hotpot, it is the best thing on a cold cold day, it makes you strong enough to grab winter by the balls and say “screw… Continue reading

Mizuya – Sydney CBD/Haymarket

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Mizuya, so when my friend suggested hot pot, I thought of Mizuya immediately. It’s the perfect small serve type of hot pot, just for 2. .… Continue reading

China Republic – Sydney (Part 2)

Please view Part 1 here I believe that big dinners should deserve a separate post instead of slapping more pics onto the same link. Also, because, this dinner is important to all of… Continue reading

Arisun Korean Beer House & Restaurant – Haymarket

Due to the recent popularity of “My Love From The Star” a Korean drama, it has sparked an interest in Fried Chicken and Beer. Korean fried chicken and beer. For what reason? I… Continue reading

1912 Jazz Bar – Haymarket (Part 2)

View part 1 here. So I’m back here again for dinner! For a post opening ceremony party. It was awesome. We all had a fantastic time, and it was a wonderful meal. There… Continue reading

The Meeting Point – Haymarket

So many Chinese places here in Australia gets totally lost in translation. “The Meeting Point” has the Chinese name “甲乙丙丁” which loosely translates to “first, second, third, fourth” in terms of ranking, or… Continue reading