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Devon on Danks – Surry Hills

I do tend to find myself behind the crowds most of the time, when it comes to trying out new cafes. Would love to get ahead and try out the new stuff, but… Continue reading

The Lord Raglan Pub (Rocks Brewing) – Redfern

Fantastic evening at the pub last night. When I 1st told my co-workers “I’m off to Redfern” everyone was like “omg why! It’s Redfern!” Honestly it’s not that bad anymore. The area has… Continue reading

My Zakaya – Surry Hills

A small little shop in Surry Hills. Like all other little shops in Surry Hill, this quiet little corner is busy on a Thursday night. . Best to make a reservation ahead. The… Continue reading

Sparkle Cupcakery – Surry Hills

I’m sure many of you probably have heard of Sparkle Cupcakery and even tried this place out. It is supposed to be the most luxurious cupcake brand in Sydney. . Firstly, I would… Continue reading

Chur Burger – Surry Hills

Finally got to go to Chur Burger! To see what the hype is about. Got in on a Thursday at 7pm, and there was a slight wait. Like 5-10min, so it wasn’t too… Continue reading

Billy’s Dumplings – Surry Hills

A new restaurant popped up in Surry Hills. Of course I had to try it. Love dumplings! Favorite: pork and chives. So I tried a few different fillings. All steamed. 1) pork and… Continue reading

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish – Redfern

So I was at Milk Bar, Cafe Ish today. They are famous for their fusion/Japanese inspired dishes. Food like “miso salted caramel milkshake” and throwing in soft shell crab into a lot of… Continue reading

Bistro L’autriche – Surry Hills

Gave this new place a try, and the overall experience? Place is nice. The food could be better though. I’m not really fond of onions in my rosti. Coffee’s milk is a bit… Continue reading

Kurtosh – Surry Hills

Finally got to try this! My friend has been trying to take me there, and saying that I should try it. Located 604-606 Crown St, Surry Hills. Took it home, sliced it up… Continue reading

Mad Spuds Cafe – Surry Hills

Breakfast at Surry Hills is always the best. Had breakfast at one of the cafes, Mad Spuds Cafe. As u can tell, they specialize in potatoes. We had the Egg and Bacon Toastie… Continue reading