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O’hare international/domestic Airport – Chicago

Chilling at the O’hare Chicago airport. Few attractions, there’s a children’s playground and museum, some walls of art etc… There’s food all over the airport, and snacks. Hudson newsstand is available on every… Continue reading

Kuma’s Too – Chicago

So, another meal in Chicago! We decided that burgers for dinner would be fun, also, dinner was at 10pm. Headed to Kuma’s Too. That’s the name of the restaurant. The original is somewhere… Continue reading

The Wieners Circle – Chicago

So, today I got to try the Wieners Circle’s hot dogs and cheese fries. Enjoyed the hot dog, cheese was a bit weird, but tastes amazing with the hot dog.

Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago

Chicago has a free zoo that is pretty amazing! If you are in Chicago and want a place to spend the day, the zoo is the way to go! Huge number of exhibits,… Continue reading

The Edge – Chicago

Had a decent meal for breakfast this morning. Only $6.99!! Split it, and still had leftovers.

Nancy’s Pizza – Chicago

Got to Chicago late, and just wanted to grab some food. So we turned here, and I did want to try a deep dish pizza. Nancy has deep dish pizza, you can get… Continue reading