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The Pub, Monte Carlo – Las Vegas

The day we check out, after we checked out, we decided to pick up a quick snack at The Pub. It has 300 craft beers available, and the bf has been wanting to… Continue reading

Buffet at the Aria – Las Vegas

A little hungover day from partying and drinking after the bf’s birthday the night before, we headed to brunch at the Aria. We really aren’t big on buffet, but who can say no… Continue reading

Red Rock Canyon – Nevada

A relaxing day! Just a drive and a short hike. I believe it was a great day! . We arrived at the check point into the park. Paid our entry and spent the… Continue reading

Road side taco stand – Las Vegas

I’m not sure what it’s called, but it is a stand on the side of the road. To me, it’s an experience like no other! Maybe there are lots of road side taco… Continue reading

My Las Vegas 2014 trip

Being in a LDR means having to go visit and exploring lots of new places with the SO. My cousin inspired me to do this post. Was showing her pics of the trip,… Continue reading

In-and-out Burger – Las Vegas

So much food in Vegas, good food, yet, we are drawn to this yellow and red sign down the freeway. Bright spinning sign. . The lines are long, but we managed to get… Continue reading

Hotel 32 at the Monte Carlo – Las Vegas

Vegas has plenty of snazzy hotel with amazing service. Hotel 32 on top of the Monte Carlo is up there, wonderful service and private lounge, personal concierge. . Once you head up the… Continue reading

Todd English’s P.U.B. – Las Vegas

At Crystals by the Aria. Gastropubs are a personal favourite of mine. I will always hit up a gastropub if I can. Good food and beer, what more could anyone ask for? This… Continue reading

Jean-Philippe Patisserie – Las Vegas

It’s Vegas baby! The place that takes extremes to the end of extremes. Here at Jean-Philippe, it’s no differently. (More pictures! Less words!) This sign here says “world’s largest chocolate fountain” Let’s see!… Continue reading

RiRa’s Irish Pub – Las Vegas

At the Mandalay Bay on The Strip. This is an Irish pub. It is our 1st day at Vegas, and this is our 1st dinner here. It’s a nice place! Watch the slippery… Continue reading