New Year’s Resolution – January 2014

New Year’s resolutions never seem to work for me, though for some reason, I will always make it a point to write or say something. I’m guessing it might be because my birthday is on New Year’s Eve, that I feel inclined to do so perhaps.

1) I will make it to some of the events for Good Food Month this year.

2) I will blog on new toys as well. Life is not just about food. (#TricksWithBalls)

3) I will spend more time with the family. This year I have a trip to visit the BF, a family vacation, a trip back home to Singapore (maid of honour!), trip to visit BF and his family.

4) Try a different beer each week. At least now I know IPA is bitter, and “citrusy sweetness” is really bitter. Pilsner is actually nice. There is more to beer than Matilda Bay and James Squire. They are great beers, just that I should try to drink more smaller brews.

5) Go to the gym more. HAHAHAHA! We’ll see.

6) I will read more. I have a kindle and an iPad, I should read more than I do now. In 2013, I started a book club with my friends, and so far, we have only done 1 book, and discussed it over whatsapp. Will do more of that this year, hopefully over some awesome highteas!

This is it for now. Better try to make this work!