Way to start the weekend

So it is the weekend. Time to pull out some fun stuff, with the whole rain predicted for the whole weekend. So, I bought these Mars cookies and Matilda Bay beers. And also… Continue reading

Heritage Beer Cafe – The Rocks

So I had mussels today. Mushroom $30 a bucket. And some raspberry beer. It was good. 1st time round it was over cooked, but the waiter was kind enough to take it back… Continue reading

Adriano Zumbo – The Star

Zumbaroons! Zumbo’s macaroons! $2.50 each Macaroon. They serve cakes too…

Grill’d – (Chain restaurant)

Good place for a burger! Quick take away or just to eat there. Don’t forget a serving of chips, and I love their sweet chilli mayo. This take away was at Harbourside Shopping… Continue reading

Thai Passion – World Square

So I had dinner tonight at Thai Passion in world square. It’s okayyy. BBQ pork was good. Don’t remember much about the rest. I really liked the taro puffs though. 4 of us… Continue reading

Miso – World Square

Had dinner at Miso tonight. It serves bento boxes. I had the chirashi with wagyu beef. I really like how they aburi your salmon on the chirashi Bento boxes range from approximately $18-$23… Continue reading

Rainy Sunday

Rainy week ahead! I guess it’s a good day to stay in and organize how I want my bags to be packed. Besides, shoving all the things I need to bring into the… Continue reading

Weekend activity

Planning to stay in for the weekend! Found my PSP in a rubble of books! And all my PSP games. Seems like I’ve been trying one different beer each weekend. It’s like, I’m… Continue reading

A chocolate suprise!

So, this is on sale at Coles this week. A chocolate suprise egg! Not by kinder, but still looks pretty good! A little toy Mater.

Sales everywhere!

End of financial year sale! Sales everywhere! or midyear sale. exchange rate is getting terrible, so maybe it might be a good time to just shop here. Got some vitamin B and travel… Continue reading

Alice Makan – HSBC centre

Just a post to test out posting from my iPhone. This is what I had for lunch today. From HSBC centre, Alice Makan. Laksa! Quite like it, a little too oily, but over… Continue reading

Introducing myself

Tea and Cupcake, a narcissistic view of myself. I enjoy tea, and I love cupcakes. Baking, eating, sharing cupcakes. Red velvet being my favorite. Obsessed with tea may be good way to put… Continue reading