Cross Eatery – Sydney CBD

Visited Cross Eatery twice over the course of 7 days for a couple of meetings, this is really conveniently located in the city indeed. Close enough to the office, with a reasonable breakfast selection.… Continue reading

Pork’d – Surry Hill

Best thing about Monday is that it is usually one of those free and easy days with lots of surprises. This Monday was wonderful as well. Thank you Pauline for the invite to… Continue reading

The House of Herbs and Roses – Dural

One rainy day, we were traveling all the way from Sydney to Dural to visit our lovely friend who is about to have a baby, and decided that she wanted something really enjoyable… Continue reading

Belly Bao @ Goodgod Small Bar – Haymarket

Good god! The buns at this place! So so good. Finally got my hands on some! Been seeing pics floating around a lot with these really awesome buns. We have them back home… Continue reading

Beer and Clams at Red Lily Cocktail Bar – Darlinghurst

Monday was a really lovely day, weather was great, and the invite from Pauline to the Beer and Clams at Red Lily Cocktail Bar for tonight was the best part of the day!… Continue reading

Koko Black – Sydney CBD

Koko black is finally in Sydney! I’ve been a fan of their salted caramel pralines for the longest time, often stocking up on pieces and hoarding it in my fridge every time I… Continue reading

Egg Clouds – Homecooking Wreckventure

Inspired by various posts on Reddit’s /r/food “egg clouds”, this is my version of it. Egg clouds essentially are egg white meringues, with egg yolk centre and baked at a low temperature so… Continue reading

Palsaik (Korean BBQ) – Haymarket

Opened from 6th Feb 2015 at Haymarket, near World Square, there’s a new Korean BBQ restaurant that opened. This is a chain restaurant that has shops in Seoul: Korea (of course), Beijing & Shanghai:… Continue reading

Aqua S – Nichigo Press

Sydney is such a wonderful place! With wonderful desserts and many Instagram worthy food. Aqua S sure tops the chart on fancy and dreamy dessert. Here we have the wonderful sea-salt and taro… Continue reading

Aqua S – Sydney 

As I’ve said (in my Instagram post), “Happiness is @ Aqua S”. It sure does, it sure does indeed. Upon entering the store, you are greeted with an Aqua wall and another painted… Continue reading

Waitan – Haymarket

Wai Tan. This place was one of the most popular places last year, and I’m here late in the game! Never fear! Food will always be there to be consumed, especially for a… Continue reading

Gyuzo Yakiniku – Haymarket (Part 2)

Now who doesn’t like a good BBQ? In every culture, there are different ways where meats are grilled over open fire, Japanese is no different. Here I am, back here, at Gyuzo Yakiniku.… Continue reading