Personal Introduction – February 2014

8 months into (food) blogging, I have been asked these questions multiple times, and I thought it might be good to put it out there.

1) What is your favourite food?: Honestly, I don’t really have a favorite food. I believe there’s always a different food for a different occasion, and I usually just have a lot of strange and weird cravings at different times of the day, or season.

2) What is your favourite cuisine?: Probably Japanese, but there’s so many different types of Japanese food. Ramen, Sushi (Umi – Haymarket), bento boxes (Miso – World Square), izakaya (My Zakaya – Surry Hills)… Difficult to say.

3) Which is your favourite restaurant or name a restaurant that if you have a guest visiting for only 3 days, where would you take them to?: I will take them to Hurricanes, but I have no particular favorite restaurant. I like many different types of restaurants, depending on what I like to eat.

List if favourite stuff and location

Beef: Midwest steak
Beer (craft): Kolsh (4-Pines)
Beer: Asahi
Breakfast: Eggs Benedict with bacon
Burger: The Shack beef burger with sausage links and mushrooms (The Shack, Kailua Hawaii)
Cake: Strawberry sponge cake with Fresh Cream (4-leaf bakery, Singapore)
Cake in Sydney: Taro Sponge cake with Fresh Cream (Savoy)
Chocolate: dark chocolate coated salted caramel (Koko Black), kitkat
Coffee: Cappuccino
Cupcake: Red Velvet (Jean Phillipe Patisserie, Belagio Las Vegas)
Cupcake in Sydney: Vanilla Cupcake (My Little Cupcakes)
Gelato Flavour: Yoghurt Berry (Messina)
Hotpot: Abalone Hotpot (Hurstville Chinese)
Ice cream Flavour: Couch Potato (Ben & Jerry’s)
Meat: Wagyu Beef
Pancakes: homemade with lemon and brown sugar
Potato chips: cheese and onion (Smith’s)
Sorbet: Blood Orange (Messina)
Sashimi: Kingfish belly
Sushi: Seared scampi with Garlic and cheese nigiri (Umi Kaiten Zushi)
Tea: Buddha’s Tears (T2)
Vegetable (green): broccoli, edamame
Vegetable (root): lotus root
Vegetable: corn
Yum Cha dish: chicken feet (Sky Phoenix)

Food I crave most often: Madang, Korean BBQ (favorite: marinated pork ribs, ox tongue)
Food I crave the most during winter: Shancheng Hot Pot King, Hot Pot (favourite: fishballs with roe, lotus roots)