Social Media and food blogging – April 2014

Recently, Instagram was down for an hour, and a wall of tweets came up regarding people not being able to eat while it was down. As reported by Gizmodo.

A friend of mine posted this link onto my facebook and asked me, what my thoughts are on this issue.

Firstly, I will have to go through the social media sites and apps that I use to post my meals.
1) WordPress – I am primarily a food blogger. So I write and blog about food (and other stuff, like archery)
2) Instagram – I tend to upload after a meal. When I am done, on the bus. I will edit it using an app, to add my blog link into it before posting.
3) Urbanspoon – When I actually remember. Usually right before I post on wordpress, if not, what’s the point? No one is going to be able to read anything, even if they find the photos for it. Yes?
4) Wechat- I will post images, as my friends on wechat are interested in knowing where to go for food. Sometimes I will link the blog post, but it is usually just images.
5) Facebook – I will usually link the wordpress link. Unless I am not planning to write a post, I will just upload images. Or I will upload raw, then edit it after and link the blog post.

For photography, I just use my iPhone 5s. It is easily accessible to me, and well, as long as I’m using the latest iPhone, they seem to work pretty well. Download a couple of apps that gives my photos a little frame, and website name, then blurring out the background. Works great.

Will keep working hard on this blog!