Where to next? – November 2013

Where to next in terms of food in Sydney?

  • Well, there is Chur Burger that HAVE to try before the end of the year. and hopefully blog about it too.
  • DONE! please see entry: Chur Burger – Surry Hills

  • Surry Hills is the best place for food. One of the places there, Reuben Hills would be a great place to go I’m sure!
  • Time Out Sydney is where I get the latest updates on where to go and what to eat. Winner of 2013 People’s Choice Sydney Food award goes to: Buffalo Dining Club. No website with menu at the moment, but their facebook page looks good.

Every year for Christmas, I will take my boss and his wife to a nice restaurant to thank them for the year. Last year was Garfish at Crows Nest, this year I’m between Sake Restaurant or Shiki, both at The Rocks. They both look good. I’ve been to Sake ages ago, and would love to try Shiki.

As for traveling:
I have made plans for Hawaii and Vegas in 2014. Can’t wait!
List of restaurants for Vegas? Most of these should be located on The Strip, cause I am horrible with directions.

  • Burgers are a “thing” for me this year, so Gordon Ramsay BurgR is on my list.
  • Next up is Serendipity 3. I believe this is based on the original restaurant from New York, that is featured in the movies such as Serendipity and One Fine Day as well. Menu looks awesome, would love to try it!
  • Since we are in Vegas, might as well go all out and grab a steak as well, Gordon Ramsay Steak. Food seems to get decent reviews on Urbanspoon, though service seems to sucks. Wouldn’t mind trying.
  • More steak is always good. Another option might be BRAND steakhouse, with a huge selection of cuts. Looks good!
  • Pubs and bars are a must. Ri Ra Irish Pub is on the recommended list, will try that of course, and something about a shepherd’s pie.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Hawaii (Oahu), Las Vegas (along The Strip) and especially in Sydney? Would love to hear about it all!
Will keep adding onto this list! 🙂