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jStyle Issue 15 2017

Another year another great opportunity to write for the wonderful jStyle magazine. This is the 3rd year running and I am really grateful for this opportunity to write for jStyle again. This magazine… Continue reading

jStyle issue 14 2016

Another year and more articles! This magazine is now available online and distributed free at most Japanese restaurants around Sydney. I’ve managed to pick up a last year’s copy at SMASH! Anime convention… Continue reading

Aqua S – Nichigo Press

Sydney is such a wonderful place! With wonderful desserts and many Instagram worthy food. Aqua S sure tops the chart on fancy and dreamy dessert. Here we have the wonderful sea-salt and taro… Continue reading

JStyle Issue 13 2015

I did it! 2015 is looking great. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to do a write up for JStyle Magazine, a Japanese journalism company based in Australia (NichiGo Press) and I… Continue reading