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Cafe 2000 – Singapore (M Hotel)

There are quite a lot of good food places in Singapore and many hotels are starting to focus on local cuisine and making it fancy which is great. Often we find ourselves having… Continue reading

Pow Sing Restaurant – Singapore (Serangoon Gardens)

Hainanese chicken rice is one of the most popular and well known dishes of Singapore. It can be served individually with well flavoured rice topped with a serve of tender and smooth poached… Continue reading

Good Morning Nanyang – Singapore (Turf City)

Typical Singapore breakfast includes Kaya Toast, teh and soft boiled eggs. That’s what I’ve been craving, and that’s what my family provided. We headed out to Turf City for breakfast at Good Morning… Continue reading

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre – Singapore (introducing: local street food)

Thank you Singapore for all the delicious food. It was such a wonderful trip with so many wonderful food stuff! And thanks to my lovely friends who were kind enough to take me… Continue reading

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant – Singapore

I’m home! I’m back home in Singapore! And here I am, at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at East Coast Park, for my 1st meal upon touch down! This is exciting for me. Chilli crab… Continue reading

PappaRich – Chatswood

Malaysian food! Or Singaporean food, whichever. It’s like, roti prata or roti canai. Mostly the same, but served quite differently. We have a lot of similar stuff, but there’s quite a difference in… Continue reading

Alice’s Makan – Sydney CBD (Part 2)

(You can view Part 1 here) At HSBC Centre’s food court in the heart of the city, with amazing Malaysian food. It’s been awhile since I picked up some lunch from them. This… Continue reading

Delima – Sydney Sussex St

This Indonesian Malay restaurant has been around for awhile. I would probably consider it more of the “slightly more high end (depending on what you order) dining” spectrum of food option. . You… Continue reading

Albee’s Kitchen – Kingsford

Do you ever think of food from home but it just isn’t the same? It really is tough to get food that is “just like home”. Cause even at home, there are places… Continue reading

Malacca Strait – Broadway

A restaurant at the city serving Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine. It is not really visible from the road, but look out for little signs placed around the area, follow it to its location which is… Continue reading

Alice Makan – HSBC centre

Just a post to test out posting from my iPhone. This is what I had for lunch today. From HSBC centre, Alice Makan. Laksa! Quite like it, a little too oily, but over… Continue reading