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Petal Met Sugar – Woolollmoolo 

Or tea, however you like to call it, Petal Met Sugar is a florist/cafe. You can have your cake, and buy flowers too! The place is absolutely pretty, clean and bright, lots of… Continue reading

The Local Mbassy – Ultimo

Another one of those insta-famous places! The food looks amazingly pretty, and it’s not too bad! It is quite accessible, and there’s roadside parking right next to it. If not, just head up… Continue reading

Textbook Boulangerie Pattiserie- Alexandria

Lovely weekend with Miss O. We have been planning to do desserts for ages (and we still have a few more places up our sleeves that we want to go to), but this… Continue reading

Twenty Grammes – Singapore

The number of cafes in Singapore sure is growing. There are a lot more cafes now that we ever had when growing up. 10 years ago, it was either roti prata or kaya… Continue reading

Cream & Custard – Singapore

  Early one morning, right before visiting the grandparents, Miss Ax and the brother-in-law decided to take me to a lovely cafe near their pretty new home. I noticed the sign from the… Continue reading

Cafe Cre Asion – Surry Hills

After seeing lots of pretty pictures of Cafe Cre Asion, decided that I had to look it up on a map to figure out which part of Surry Hills is this located. Realised… Continue reading

Lorraine’s Patisserie – Sydney CBD

Located in a little alley down between an optometry and a clothing store, this shop isn’t overly visible from the outside, but it sure is rather well known for their lovely cakes and… Continue reading

Aqua S – Nichigo Press

Sydney is such a wonderful place! With wonderful desserts and many Instagram worthy food. Aqua S sure tops the chart on fancy and dreamy dessert. Here we have the wonderful sea-salt and taro… Continue reading

Oreo Rice Krispy Treats – Homecooking Wreckventure

What do people usually do on a Saturday evening? In my case, it seems like I’m usually baking or creating something. So here I am again, with my weekend activity. Adapted from Chef… Continue reading

Stix Desserts – Surry Hills

New gelato place! Woohoo! More sweets and desserts. Can’t say no to that. I’ve been on a sugar spree recently, wouldn’t say it’s the best thing, but it certainly isn’t too bad [in… Continue reading

Fuji Japanese Bakery – Killarney heights

Recently, I’ve posted a reddit post on hunting for the perfect “Japanese strawberry shortcake” aka: Ichigo Shor-to-ca-ke. This is the original reddit post about the strawberry shortcake hunt. So I ended in Killarney… Continue reading

Jean-Philippe Patisserie – Las Vegas

It’s Vegas baby! The place that takes extremes to the end of extremes. Here at Jean-Philippe, it’s no differently. (More pictures! Less words!) This sign here says “world’s largest chocolate fountain” Let’s see!… Continue reading