Ribs & Burgers – Eastgardens 

Pre-Movie time at Eastgardens and it is almost dinner! We have to eat, so it is food hunting time again. Eastgarden’s fancy restaurant section boasts quite a few lovely dining places and after… Continue reading

Bar Luca – Circular Quay

Burgers have been gaining quite a lot of traction recently especially with the Facebook group: FBAS (The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society) If you are after a burger and have no idea where to go,… Continue reading

Vote for me in the Menulog Food Lover Blogger Awards 2015

Hi lovely people! It is time for the Food Lover Blogger Awards and I have submitted my blog into the running and hope you guys can help! Please click on the following link… Continue reading

Cafe 2000 – Singapore (M Hotel)

There are quite a lot of good food places in Singapore and many hotels are starting to focus on local cuisine and making it fancy which is great. Often we find ourselves having… Continue reading

Argo – Singapore (Adonis Hotel)

The Adonis Hotel is a boutique located at 13 Purvius St, close to City Hall and Bugis, and the family + new extended family decided to have lunch together at Cafe Argo located in… Continue reading

Darlo Coffee Co. 

Darlo Coffee Co. was brought to my attention by a post via Reddit, just because I love my coffee, I had to see what the fuss is all about. Coffee in a goon… Continue reading

Vincent – Woollahra 

Another midweek adventure with Miss S, this time in Woolahra at Vincent – a French cuisine style restaurant. We did a 7pm booking, and even though we were in the area by 6ish,… Continue reading

Rengaya – North Sydney

End of financial year dinner with the company! Before our boss suggested anything, there was a sudden inspiration that hit us all (the staff of course). We wanted meat, BBQ meat! As for… Continue reading

Masu Izakaya – Haymarket 

I’m constantly out for having a great experience at a pub that serves food. Gastropub or izakaya style is always good. Upon entering the store, we were given our choice of either tables… Continue reading

Fratelli Paradiso – Potts Point

Well well well, dinner at Potts Point, with a lovely after dinner walk along the water, it does sound like a really pleasant evening indeed, it was a great evening of course! (Till… Continue reading

Bacon rollies – homecooking wreckventure

Waking up on a Saturday morning of a weekend with a work shift isn’t overly pleasant, but since work starts at 11am anyway, plenty of time to make breakfast. So as per usual,… Continue reading

Lorraine’s Patisserie – Sydney CBD

Located in a little alley down between an optometry and a clothing store, this shop isn’t overly visible from the outside, but it sure is rather well known for their lovely cakes and… Continue reading