Phoenix Arizona Airport

A small review on the Phoenix Arizona Airport. Had to spend 10hrs here, I’m glad it’s a pretty good airport!

Upon arrival, you will see little booths as such, that you can charge your electronics with. It has a little stool for you to sit on, then plugs for you to use. Not to mention the free wifi! If I have to transit again in the future, this will probably be tops on my list.


There are plenty of plugs scattered around the airport, but it wins because of the free wifi.

The food here, there’s good everywhere, didn’t get to cover that much. Had Starbucks for breakfast. It’s not in every section, but you can find it quite easily. Lady got my name wrong, but was really helpful when it came to helping me sort out my change. Coffee is decent, no complaints there.


With the long long waiting time, I decided to get a day pass for the US airways lounge. Good decision. I had a pretty decent sleep on one of the comfy chairs, plugged in my phone, had wifi (they use a different network) the place is safe, there’s a locker room for you to drop off your big bags and you can go around to explore town if you like, or the airport.


There’s meals, continental breakfast, open snacks and soup for later in the day. The hot drinks machine is awesome. You put a little packet in and it makes tea to hot chocolate.




Now, plane to Denver!! Then onward to Nebraska, land of the corn and cows.