Oreo Rice Krispy Treats – Homecooking Wreckventure

What do people usually do on a Saturday evening? In my case, it seems like I’m usually baking or creating something. So here I am again, with my weekend activity.

Adapted from Chef In Training – Oreo Rice Krispie Treat, this is quite the easy weekend activity. It sure didn’t take too long to create that’s for sure, approximately 1/2 hour, and that’s mostly for the melting of the marshmallow, though honestly, my wrist kinda hurts from all the stirring and preventing the marshmallows from burning.



all the ingredients you need

So yup, these are the ingredients you need. It really isn’t much.

6 cups of Rice Krispie (Rice bubbles here in Australia)
20 oreo cookies crushed, creme and all
45g of unsalted butter
5 cups of mini Marshmallows (or 10 large marshmallows)




1 large marshmallow = 1/2 cup marshmallow

If you can’t get your hands on some mini marshmallows, 10 large marshmallows will do it. According to the back of the Rice Bubbles box, it requires 300g of white marshmallows. I suppose this is quite a similar amount.

Start by lining a rectangular pan with wax paper.

Step 1: Mix crushed oreos and rice bubbles in a large bowl. Like in a REALLY LARGE BOWL.




mmmm marshmallows and butter

Step 2: Melt butter and marshmallows on low heat. Stir constantly till melted.



pour it all in!

Step 3: Pour melted butter/marshmallow mix into oreo/rice bubbles mix. Remember to use a really large bowl. By mixing the 2 mixes together, it tends to push the rice bubbles out of the bowl, making a mess everywhere.



mix it mix it

Step 4: Make sure dry mix and melted mix is mixed well together. Do it as quickly as possible, as marshmallow gets really sticky when it starts to cool down. Shovel the mix around, don’t miss out on the bottom bits either.



press it in all tight!

Step 5: When everything is well mixed up, press into a pan lined with waxed paper. Push the mix into the corners. Layer another sheet of wax paper on top of it, and press down from the top with another pan firmly, so that everything is packed up tightly.



A whole tray of oreo rice krispy treats with white chocolate drizzle and 100s & 1000s

Step 6: Set aside to cool. This wouldn’t take too long, but it would be best to set it aside for at least a couple of hours. When that cools down, you can decorate it however you like. Here I used some white chocolate and 100s & 1000s. Set aside to allow chocolate to set.



Cross section of completed treat

Step 7: Cut into squares (or rectangles, or whatever shape you like) with a sharp knife and enjoy!



Campfire Marshmallows are the best!

Here in Australia, Campfire brand marshmallows aren’t easy to come by. It would be best to use this particular brand of marshmallows as they tend to melt smoothly. I bought mine from Aldi – Maroubra Junction branch (Which when I checked today 30 Nov 2014, it is no longer available) However! Do not fear! There is always Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows, which I found on this website called USA foods in Australia which does carry Kraft Jetpuffed Marshmallows. There is a website somewhere that does the Campfire marshmallows, but apparently I will need to buy $150 worth of it. Bulk purchase only.