Chur Burger – Surry Hills

Finally got to go to Chur Burger! To see what the hype is about.


Got in on a Thursday at 7pm, and there was a slight wait. Like 5-10min, so it wasn’t too bad. 1st thing I noticed was that, it’s really noisy. Not a place to sit and talk for a long time. I guess it helps with the quick turn over. It has a shared table concept, either at a regular table or some bar stools on higher counters.

You order your food at the counter. Nice long drink list, has my favorite 4-pines kolsh. You walk up to the counter and place your order.



Next you wait!
Picked up our drinks 1st.


First up, the scallop mussel fritters. It’s fried really nicely! Good texture, you can taste the seafood pieces. Better eat it all up when it’s hot. We saved one till the end, it wasn’t quite the same.


Next up was the sweet potato fries! It is thick and chunky. Ours wasn’t as crisp as I hoped it would be. Wished it was a tad crunchier. It wasn’t cold or anything. The middle was cooked perfectly, not mushy, a proper consistency of what a chip should be.


We got the fish burger and the pulled pork burger. Fish was fried really well! I’m not too fond of pickles, so I pulled mine out. My friend ate the pickles and said it was really sour, but it was picked well.


Pulled pork burger was sweet and juicy! This is my 1st pulled pork, so I can’t quite compare it with anything else, but I’m quite happy if I got to eat this burger again.


I like my burgers in brioche (and hot dogs too). This particular brioche bun is nice and fluffy. It does not have an overpowering sweetness, so that’s good! Shiny brown surface that is not sticky, soft bread that let’s me press into it and cut it up. For the 2 of us, meal totaled at $47ish.

Overall feel of this place? I wouldn’t mind it again! Next time, I’m trying the beef burger. Beef seems like the most standard comparison, I should have had the beef! But this gives me a chance to return. And to try different sides/starters as well.

Edit: 30th November 2013
Went back for the beef burger. Well, I did. My friend wanted the pork belly burger, cause today is the last day. Too bad for us, it was sold out when we got there at 4pm! It was sold out by 2pm today!!

Anyway, beef burger. Yup, good. Well flavored and reasonably juicy. Wish there was more meat to bun ratio. Wouldn’t even mind a slightly flatter patty to accommodate it.


We ordered some of the fries. These are better than the sweet potato fries in terms of crunch and bite. Goes well with ketchup. That’s saying something doesn’t it? It’s good. Just a little too salty for my liking.


We tried the shakes: salted caramel, strawberry and vanilla. I think the vanilla is good, so is the salted caramel. Friends found the salted caramel too salty, I wished it was saltier. We all agree that strawberry tastes a little watered down. Like there wasn’t enough strawberries in it, or someone forgot the syrup. I had to take huge gulps to taste it. At least it wasn’t sickeningly sweet.


I’ll be back for the burgers, not sure about shakes or sides. I will have fries actually, I don’t mind it so much.

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