Presents! – Part 2 (Apple products)

I think it’s time I go out and get a little something for myself.

Currently am using the iPhone 4S and the power button is dead 😦 so, few moths after the release, decided to get the iPhone 5s for myself! Yay! Waited awhile for the Gold to be available. The verdict? Worth the wait! So light and pretty.



Next, I eBay-ed my iPad 2. And got an iPad Air. Verdict? Lighter too!! Slightly smaller, not very noticeable. But you can pick it up and like, wow, lighter. I always love slapping a case on my stuff, but since it’s new, it’s been really tough getting a case. I had one ordered in to be picked up from the US, here I picked a Belkin up from JB hifi.



Love them!