Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen – Alexandria

Happy Easter everyone! Hope we are all enjoying our long weekend so far! Today, before heading to Bunnings to purchase 7 plastic boxes to store my stuffed animals for my online store, decided to grab some coffee. Drove around and found this little pretty little cafe. Not that little, but pretty for sure.


Everything was incredibly pink and white, just lovely, and there’s crates of fresh produce everywhere!



The place is so incredibly busy! I just love watching people work.


The displays of jam and knickknacks is just so homely.


Have a look at their menu! I love how they have the date on it. Not sure if it changes often, but I like how tidy and clean the menu looks. Very freshly printed. On pink paper too! Breakfast menu for today, 19th April 2014


It’s finally a lovely sunny day out, but that didn’t stop my friend from ordering the “rainy day toast”. It looks incredibly good on menu. When it arrived, it looks perfect on plate! They sure laden it with more honey than I can imagine. The sourdough perfectly toasted, honey was deliciously sweet, you can taste the cinnamon and the flecks of thyme on it gives it the little extra. A little too sweet for my liking, the quality is there, that’s for sure. If you like your honey, this is for you.


I ordered sourdough toast with butter and jam. Oh, I love buttered toast. Any toast with a good amount of butter would excite me. I’m a simple girl, with simple (picky) tastes haha. This toast came with a side of black berry jam. Such freshness! Such a lovely jam.


Here’s the drinks menu. Tea, juice or a warm drink of your choice!



My friend had the citrus mint juice. A really green looking juice.


I had the Preston. Hot chocolate brewed with steamed earl grey milk. I love earl grey and I like chocolate. What could go wrong? Apparently nothing. It had all the flavours in an earl grey tea, and smooth chocolate in milk. Such deliciousness. Really enjoyed it! In such a pretty ceramic cup too. Looks like one of those “Mud Australia” cups. So pretty.


I hope you all have a lovely lovely Easter long weekend!