China Republic – Sydney (Part 2)

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I believe that big dinners should deserve a separate post instead of slapping more pics onto the same link. Also, because, this dinner is important to all of us at AGSX, to celebrate our successful opening ceremony (dinner has been overdue for awhile). Kinda like an after party. Thank you for the wonderful dinner. It was lovely. China Republic seems like a great place for celebratory dinners or taking clients to, just because it is so incredibly elaborate and the attention to every detail is amazing. Service is pretty good too. Staff are friendly, and attentive.

We even got to finally settle into a private room! The biggest room they had, sits up to 20 people.



On top of all the dishes we ordered in Part 1, such as White Cut Chicken served with Spicy Lemon Sauce. Tender chicken, good as usual.



We also had the Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts. Tender little pieces of chicken.



Braised lamb brisket Served with Pepper Salt. It’s served with mandarin pancakes and sesame sauce. I love this one. It’s like, a 2nd Peking duck.



This is their signature Ma Po Tofu. As usual, a little too spicy for me.>



Next up is my favorite!! Chef special sweet & sour pork spare ribs. Nice crispy coating and soft meat.



Hot spicy fish fillet, still too spicy and numbing for me.>



Time for other dishes! Salt-baked snapper fillets with black beans. Beautifully presented.




We also had slow-cooked lobster with herbs and soy sauce. Very well cooked and seasoned lobster. So so good.



Alaskan crab legs steamed in egg custard. It was really beautifully done. Each crab leg was split down the middle, and the meat is sweet and delicious. And plentiful.



Eggplant and coriander salad with ginger dressing. It’s a good looking dish.



Beef spring rolls. Little fried rolls of deliciousness.



The usual signature Peking duck. Yum yum and more yum. Mmmmmm Peking duck.



No meal is complete without tea. Adorable little teapots and cups line our table.



We were given a complimentary serve of fruit. Everything at China Republic is always so elegant and gorgeous.



We finished the meal with a beautiful serve of dessert. It’s an assorted platter for 8. I wouldn’t mind coming into China Republic just for this, honestly. How good would this be?



Just incredibly exquisite. Every time I’m back at China Republic, I’m totally wow-ed by the amount of work and dedication the staff puts into the food decoration, cooking, plating.

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