Wild Honey – Singapore (Scotts Square)

Still going through the food stuff in Singapore.



This is Wild Honey located in Scotts Square Singapore. Dear dear friend wanted to take me out for breakfast, and suggested that we head to Wild Honey. It sure is an interesting suggestion. It’s not local food, but I guess a little western breakfast is good, trying out what Singaporeans enjoy as a treat and special breakfast. Eggs Benedict is normal for us, but not as common for Singaporeans.

The menu is pretty cool. The breakfast menu is based on locations. Here’s a little sample.



Arrived early and had the opportunity to look around and enjoy my surroundings. Looking across the empty seat across from me, are more comfy seats.



And around me are people, enjoying breakfast. It’s an interesting surrounding. Different types of seating types, just enjoying a little people-watching session of mine.



The menu is pretty extensive and a little complicated, too many choices.

For drinks, I ended up with a cold remedy. (Was feeling a little fluey) so it’s a honey, vanilla, cinnamon drink. Friend arrived, and ordered a long black.



For breakfast, I picked the Canadian. Honestly, wasn’t sure why it took me that long to even decide. It has pancakes, bacon AND maple syrup. The berries compote on the side wasn’t even the item that appealed and called out to me when I read the menu. How was it? I wished the pancake was a little more cooked, and the bacons a little more crisp. Good maple syrup though. The compote was actually lovely. It’s overly tart, just the way I like it.



Friend ordered the Norwegian. It looks adorable. Little roulade of salmon, sitting on top of asparagus spears, on top of sliced avocado, on top of brioche buns. It looks beautiful. Friend enjoyed it, so that’s good.


It was such a lovely place! Comfortable, and incredibly busy. It’s convenient to get to too.