Good Morning Nanyang – Singapore (Turf City)

Typical Singapore breakfast includes Kaya Toast, teh and soft boiled eggs. That’s what I’ve been craving, and that’s what my family provided.

We headed out to Turf City for breakfast at Good Morning Nanyang, apparently the best place for what I wanted. Wasn’t disappointed.



Was met with a typical local breakfast menu, with a few twists! Usually sets are made up of something simple like kaya (coconut & egg jam) with soft boiled eggs and a drink. There’s menu options here like ciabatta and scones!



We went for the traditional drinks. Teh – black tea sweeten with condensed milk. Other tea options are teh o – black tea with sugar, teh si – black tea with evaporated milk. And you can have any of them with ais – ice. Same goes for kopi – coffee.



To start, a stack of kaya and butter on toast. A generous smear of kaya (coconut & egg jam) on 1 side of brown bread and a slab of slightly melted butter on the other, sandwiched together to form the amazingness that’s known as kaya toast. The name is not that dramatic, but the taste is. You take a bite into the crunchy thin bread, that’s still soft in the middle, and you taste that sweet eggy jam, and butter drips down the edge of the toast, and you just have to lick it up. Amazing. Just amazing.



What’s breakfast without eggs? Fresh eggs are made into soft boiled eggs. There’s an art to soft boiled eggs. You need the yolk to be runny, and the whites to be cooked through and white but still soft. It’s nothing like a poached egg. This is boiled while still in it’s shell, and you have nothing to let you know that it’s done, except experience, a good judge of temperature and impeccable timing. Usually served in an egg with shell, and you crack it open on your own. These days, you can request for the staff to crack it open and plate it up for you, lest you burn your delicate fingers on the hot shells. It’s perfect. This is perfect.



It’s best served with dark soy sauce. My favourite thing is to dip my kaya toast into it. Sweet and salty, and that lovely runny yolk on it, can you say “best thing ever!”?



My sisters prefer ciabatta, something different I suppose. They like it with sugar and butter. It’s quite interesting. It’s like, a western breakfast option with a twist. I suppose it’s kinda like the scones, a little extra with the usual. It’s good, just lacks the little extra crunch that comes with my awesome toast.



Other dishes, all dishes of the day, chee chong fun – steam rice rolls. Similar to the rice rolls you get at yum cha, without the fillings, this is served with a sweet sauce over the top, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. I love this, and as a child, I had the habit of unrolling all my rolls, then mixing it all up. This results in a lot of time consumed, but it also means that I won’t ever be left with a bite of bland rice roll, and I don’t waste any of the sauce on my plate. And you get to practice your chopstick skills.



Another option, served in a similar fashion is the steamed yam (taro) cake. It’s a savoury steamed cake, well seasoned, with the same sweet sauce on top. I love the texture of it. It’s steamed well, soft, not too tough or mushy, just right. And the sweet sauce on top just brings it all together.


For anyone visiting Singapore for a day, and is wanting breakfast, this is the breakfast you want and this is what breakfast is supposed to look like.