Cross Eatery – Sydney CBD

Visited Cross Eatery twice over the course of 7 days for a couple of meetings, this is really conveniently located in the city indeed. Close enough to the office, with a reasonable breakfast selection. It is not overly extensive, I suppose it is good enough for breakfast.

Funny thing about breakfast. You can eat the same breakfast for days in a row and not be bothered about it. But if you ate the same dinner for 2 days in a row, well, it’s not like I don’t especially when it comes to hotpot, but certainly not the same ingredients in them. Strange thing breakfast is indeed.


Loving the chalkboard look for the take-away menu. A couple of items looks like it is cheaper to get take-away than to eat in – as compared to the menu below. But most of it remains the same.


menus for dining in

Yup, the eat in menu for certain items costs a little more. It is understandable, not that huge a difference, barely noticable. It is good that there’s a selection of add-ons to the breakfast offerings. I wish there was bacon, can’t go wrong with bacon.


cappuccino $3.50

Pretty coffee art and good coffee. I do love my coffee, usually the coffee I have at work is hardly ever this pretty. This is one of the bonuses of having breakfast at a cafe. Pretty coffee.


Nonie’s roasted hazelnut museli – with yoghurt and seasonal fruit $10

Pretty colours make this bowl of muesli stand out. “Eat your colours” is often said to children, and I don’t think it is any different for adults either. We like our food to look attractive, having a spectrum of fresh ingredients that works really well with one another on a plate sure is good. The colour contrast of the darker bowl with the lighter coloured ingredients are great.


Cross breakfast roll – Feather and bone ham, poached egg, kale salad, chilli relish and lemon aioli $12

This is the first time I’ve ever tried kale. It is an interesting vegetable, as expected it is slightly bitter but surprisingly crunchy. I have to say I don’t mind it very much. The kale goes well with the dressing and fillings in this breakfast roll. Poached egg had the wonderful flow-y egg-porn food-porn centre when you break it open. I wouldn’t consider this a handheld roll that’s for sure. Cutlery all the way.


Soft eggs and soldiers – Forest reef pasture 63 degrees eggs, Brickfields sourdough and Pepe Saya Butter $12

Wonderful eggs! Twice I’ve been here, twice I’ve ordered the same item on the menu. Which brings me back to the original topic at hand, that having the same breakfast every day doesn’t concern people as much as having the same dinner every night.

The eggs are perfectly done. The whites are cooked and the yolks have a great sticky texture to it and is not solid, just the way I love them. It is suspended in an olive oil and vinaigrette type of sauce. I am not too certain about it. As far as I’m concern, it did not affect the eggs, the eggs were not greasy at all and everything seemed to be pretty well balanced.

Pepe Saya butter. Mmmmm butter. This goes really well with the toast, and I do butter my toast before dipping them into the egg yolks.


toast in eggs

Egg porn/Food porn shot. Yup, good eggs, good toast, good butter.

Would love to try the baked eggs for my next visit. I was told that the wait for it would be approximately 15 mins, as it is baked per portion on order. Unfortunately I had to rush to work, and it does take me awhile to walk back and an even longer time to finish my food, if not never. Slow eaters, ah well, maybe next time! Will have to get up earlier and get into the city much much earlier for this.


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