The Local Mbassy – Ultimo

Another one of those insta-famous places! The food looks amazingly pretty, and it’s not too bad! It is quite accessible, and there’s roadside parking right next to it. If not, just head up to Jones St up the slope, plenty of parking there.

Great Saturday! I’m starting to look forward to weekends more and more these days. Been eyeing The Local Mbassy (310 Wattle Street, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW) for ages, since one of my co-workers lived just around the corner from it.


This sure is an interesting looking layout. The wall is decorated with lots of antique bits and pieces, really cool to look at. It was a busy Saturday, so we were seated outside next to the road.

It wasn’t the best place to have a conversation I suppose, Mr T and myself tend to get really distracted by passing cars and sounds. I have pretty good hearing while he is 1/2 deaf. Not the best combination I would say. But it was such a lovely day anyway! Nothing can spoil today! (I hoped to myself). We got parking up at Jones St ($1.70/hr on weekends for a max of 2hrs) Didn’t need that long. We got a table pretty quickly and it was great!


Campos coffee Large – $4 each

Coffees arrived 1st. It didn’t take too long. Once we were seated, our waitress introduced herself, told us she will be taking care of us. I ordered coffee for the both of us “2 large cappuccinos please!” Happy to know that Campos coffee is served here.

Unfortunately, coffee wasn’t fabulous. Milk foam on it was alright, but there’s a slight non-coffee bitter taste to it. It did looked like it was really busy, so maybe the pipes weren’t cleaned out as often.

It’s been awhile since Mr T and I had good coffee while we were out dining. Will have to work on that. He loves his coffee and so do I.


Crab Eggs Benedict – $19.90

This arrived 1st. A decent stack of crab meat sat atop one 1/2 of the brioche toast, awhile 2 foodporn/eggporn worth poached eggs sat atop the other 1/2. The eggs were topped with a tomato hollandaise sauce and a scatter of sprouts.

I love my brioche breads! Really happy that this is served atop brioche. The sweet buttery toast just works so well with savoury dishes.


Check out the huge mound of shredded crab meat!

The amount of shredded crab is truly generous. It is served cold, good contrast to the other warm elements on the plate. The only thing we would prefer would be a little more sauce for more flavours.

Mr T felt like it needed more salt (GASP!). He does prefer food with a stronger flavour though, I felt it was lovely as it is. Mr T would have preferred balanced layers, where the greens and crab was equally placed on both halves of the toast, I thought it looked incredibly pretty, and wouldn’t have a problem placing the toppings where I needed them to go.

The brioche, well he really liked it. He liked how the toast was lightly grilled and crisp on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. “Perfectly toasted” as he described it. “Knife goes into it great without having to saw through the crust”. That is a sign of great toast!


Finally the red velvet pancakes arrived! At this stage, Mr T was done and had polished off his Crab with Eggs Benedict. I was really hungry. But camera eats first, then my mouth.

These were some amazing pancakes! It was so light and fluffy. The cream’s actual fresh whipped cream, and not one of those canned ones and it just worked so beautifully together. Loving the strawberry coulis, edible flowers, fresh berries. Strawberries were great! Juicy and sweet, blueberries unfortunately wasn’t the best – not as sweet or tart as I hoped it would be. Interesting use of basil. Basil? Was it basil? It was quite a strong fresh leafy taste to it. I’m not fond of leaves in my food, much less in a dessert, but the colours looked so great together. Just a work of art.


I just had to do this. It was so pretty and I couldn’t resist! So I went nuts and took more photos. I love the pancakes! It is probably one of the better red velvet pancakes I’ve had. Sure, I had red velvet pancakes when I was in Hawaii, but it was nothing as fluffy and pretty as these ones. Pretty, mainly because the Red Velvet Pancakes at Local Mbassy is a lot prettier.

Worth the wait time!



Some takeaway perhaps?

After the meal, I headed up to the cash register with the bill and also to check out the stacks of pastries and cakes next to it. I would come back for some of these rich looking cakes some day, and also to try out a whole lot of other stuff I wanted to try from the menu.

Overall, service was really good, outside was a little noisy, food is good, coffee could be better. I would return! And try more of the other menu items, looks like Cherry Ripe pancakes could be next!


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