Piccolo Me – Sydney CBD

I’ve always been a huge coffee drinker, with my minimum 2 Nespresso capsules a day. Found Piccolo Me on the Sydney Foodbloggers Facebook page, Nutella coffee! Yes! I just had to try it.


Bridge St sign

There’s 2 locations in the city that I’ve tried. One on Bridge St.


Another at 1 Castlereagh St.


Castlereagh St view, keep walking keep walking around it, Castlereagh/Hunter st


The Castlereagh St’s Piccolo Me is less obvious, you will have to walk around the corner, past the convenience store, before you see a sign. A sign that looks incredibly cheerful and bright. A sign that gives you “the sign” to have breakfast, most important meal of the day I believe.


Look forward to different posters each week!


The Castlereagh St store is much larger than the Bridge St store. This is where they do the bottling of the Nutella coffee. This sign here tells you that.


nice and fresh!


Here’s the outside of the Castlereagh st store.


store front castlereagh st


Piccolo Me sure has many posters and signs. If you are interested in winning a batch of their bottled Nutella coffee, be sure to post a pic on Instagram with the hashtags: #besocialwithcoffee and #piccolome. I’ve been instagram-ing my pics, but I guess I’m not really good with this hashtag thingy. I need to be more consistent to win! Be in it to win it!


hashtag #love! be in it to win it #besocialwithcoffee


If drinks aren’t your thing, how about some breakfast? They do have a good spread of sandwiches.


breakfast time!


Having your coffee served to you on a wooden tray is perhaps the best thing that can happen to anyone, looking for a little breakfast treat. I say “treat”, but it’s more like breakfast dessert. A cube of Nutella on a stick, and a side of chocolate shavings? And top it all off with an awesome cup of coffee with a heart? What more can I ask for!


breakfast dessert, Nutella Bomb style!


Watch me dip the Nutella in! Just teasing the coffee a little.


ooooo sexy baby….


Now put it in a little more, sprinkle chocolate flakes around it…


give it to me baby!


Now drop it all in, and stir it around a little…


I’m sexy and I know it


Then pull it out, and watch the melty Nutella goodness drip off the cube, covered in milk froth…


lick me up


Was that too much? I think it was too much. Oops, I do hope you guys had fun reading that as I did typing it. It sure was good coffee.

If sitting in isn’t your thing, they do have coffees in takeaway cups. The 1st time I had Nutella coffee was at the Bridge St store. They have a nice seating area, it’s located at an office building. But there’s still a reasonable amount of space there.


Bridge St store


Had my coffee in a takeaway cup. Watch the Nutella drip!


look at it drip…


Had a brioche with cheese and mushroom toastie. Awesome..


cheese and mushroom in a brioche bun


Don’t forget to grab some bottles before leaving!


bottle me up!

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All Piccolo Me locations

Sydney City

10 Bridge St, Sydney CBD 2000
02 9252 3794
Fax: 02 9252 3794
Catering: http://www.ecater.com.au/piccolome

1 Castlereagh St, Sydney CBD 2000
02 9221 0547
Fax: 02 9221 0547
Catering: http://www.ecater.com.au/piccolome

Macquarie University

 Australin Hearing Hub,
16 Univeristy ave, Macquarie University
Catering: http://www.ecater.com.au/piccolome

Norwest / Baulkhim Hills

58 Norwest Boulevard, Baulkhim Hills
Pop up coffee kart

62 Norwest Boulevard, Baulkhim Hills